Wednesday, December 1, 2010

World Aids Day

Can any one of us say that they have not been touched or affected by the HIV virus and the AIDS disease? Maybe, you lost a relative or friend.  Maybe, someone you care for is suffering with the HIV infection.

Can you imagine being diagnosed with the HIV virus and then going through life waiting for the virus to become the AIDS disease? How would that reality change your outlook on relationships?

Do you realize that there are three or four generations of people who have never enjoyed "Casual Sex"? (There's no such thing) Their whole adolescent life has been spent knowing that a one night stand could be deadly. They've never had sex without a condom! Even though who do have unprotected sex much have had a conversation about their sexual history and their sexual partners.


Have you ever taken a survey about your sexual history to determine if you are at risk? I have.  It wasn't pleasant. It really doesn't matter how you answer. It really doesn't!

Q: Have you had sex?  Sex is defined as Physical intercourse with a partner (this includes oral)

Q: Have you ever been incarcerated? This includes county jail.

Q: Have you gotten a tattoo? 

Q: Have you received a blood transfusion? 

Q: Have you ever had anal sex?

Q: Have you engaged in an sex act with multiple partners? Did you use a condom? Did you use a condom each time?

Q: Have you ever had a homosexual relationship or encounter?  Did you use a condom?  Did you use any protection if you gave or received oral sex?

Remember, you are in a clinic or in a doctors office and your naked!

That's just some of the questions that are asked.  Fun! Loads of Fun! And just to add the whipped cream to it this poop sundae....

The Church calls it a plague. Accuses you of immorality if you are infected.

Dating conversation includes questions of do you lick, suck, bend, take it, or swallow before you met them? Appearances do not matter. The innocent looking nerdy girl could be infected. The nerdy microsoft dude could be infected.
Good Morals do not save you! Monogamy will not save you! Ask the faithful who are now infected! All that stands between us... is a piece of Latex! You can ask all the right questions but still...LATEX! Get Tested! Insist that your partner get tested. Go with each other! 
Damn it! Use condoms! Ladies keep some! Men, need to have them! And we need to talk with one another and ask the real questions.  Afraid? Don't be! BE Cautious!

BE Prayerful! BE Mindful! BE Careful!


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