Tuesday, February 28, 2012

"The Help" Mississippi God Damn!

The 2012 Oscars have been awarded. Viola Davis didn't win Best Actress for her role in Kathern Stockert's "The Help"  but Octavia Spencer did. I love both Sistahs and I hope that they both have long, successful careers but personally I couldn't care less about "The Help".

I ignored it when it was in the theater and only saw it after much pressure from my Wife to rent it because it was up for an Oscar. The help is about a White Woman who writes the stories of 1960's era Jackson, Mississippi Domestic maids and their lives behind the scenes. 

One segment of the film sums up why this movie gets the finger.  The Octavia Spencer character after having been verbally abused by her young White employer and fired, seemingly grovels back to her with a baked pie in tow.  After the shrewish employer eats two slices she is informed that she literally has eaten a pie filling made of the Maids shit! Later in the movie the shrewish employer is bullied in silence, and some compliance because she doesn't want her embarrassment revealed. 

This is 1960's era MISSISSIPPI! In real life if that maid had even implied that she had done anything remotely close to that, that WOMAN would have shot her where she stood and had her body burned.  That's not hyperbole, that's fact! The Book and Movie fail cause it ignores what really happened in that time.  God Damn Mississippi was the most hellish of all the segregated South!  A Black PERSON COULD BE KILLED FOR NOTHING! No reason at all.  There was no Sassin in MISSISSIPPI! 

It's an insult to our ancestors memories and all our folks who are still alive that suffered in it! But that's the trick of White Supremacy.  Over time they try to rewrite history! It minimizes what has happened to where the oppressed victim and their decendants say oh it wasn't that bad. 

No! NO! GOD DAMN MISSISSIPPI! For all the innocents who were hung, burned, raped, humiliated, beaten, framed, jailed, drowned, castrated, poisoned, sterilized, burned and ran out of Mississippi and the South for nothing more than being Afrikan, Colored, Negro, Black, Afro American, African American. 


And to all the Monsters Ball's, Training Day's and movies like "THE Help" and the White so called Liberal film makers and writers who create these vile products and then award talented ACTORS the industry highest honor for bringing them to life while projects that would enrich, elevated and empower Afrikan Americans and America as a whole go ignored or remain unmade.  A BIG MIDDLE DIGIT!

BE Prayerful! BE Mindful, BE Careful!


Reggie said...

My wife rented The Help and made me sit through it with her. I thought it was a good movie.

Reggie said...

My wife rented The Help and made me sit through it with her. I thought it was a good movie.