Thursday, October 14, 2010

Federal Judge Ends Don't Ask...Don't Tell!

A Federal Judge ended the United States Mililtary's 17 year "Don't Ask, Don't Tell Policy prohibiting those enlisted from asking an ensigns sexual preference and an from one's announcing one's sexual preference.


The policy was a piece of garbage anyway! It was built from an unproven, irrational hetrosexual fear! The fear that somehow an OPENLY GAY Enlisted person would undermine troop morale.

Reality Check!

I work for a living and some of the folks that I work with, go to church with, shop with and live next to are guess what.....????? There has never been any study to verify that an openly gay soldier or group of soldiers undermined morale in any quantifiable way. Sure, Hetrosexual Men have always had a FEAR of OPENLY Gay Soldiers looking at their winkies or maybe a game of slap and tickle or some such nonsense.

Gay Soldiers have always served and they should continue.

I live with it! Most ADULTS live with it just fine.  I'm sorry but if I'm about to get my behind shot off in Kabal by the enemy the only thing I wanna know is if the soldier next to me is gonna do they job?  Can I count on you in battle?

Congratulations America on growing up! Gay Enlisted Personell should have the right to live in the open, go out on dates, get married without having to hush up about it all the darn time! That ain't fair and it ain't right! Congrats LGBT Soldiers! Now, remember to be smart and fair to us Hetrosexuals. Use good sense and good taste!

BE Prayerful! BE Mindful! BE Careful!


JStar said...

My brother was gay and passed in 97 from AIDS...So this is close to my heart...and I have also worked on miltary bases for 12 years...I have seen soldiers who were noticably gay...But I never knew the reasoning for the Dont Ask Dont Tell Policy....Now that you mentioned it...Thats appauling...Come on now...Good thing they are growing up and making better decisons. The gay phobia crap really annoys me because my brother was the target of attacks more than he ever deserved...

Serious Black said...

It is stupid. It was the right thing to over turn it. It's none of our business what anyone elses sexual preference is. If anyone is brave and courageous enough to fight in a war for the protection of our nation, my freinds, family then they have my blessing to do so regardless of race, sexual preference, or religion.

We need every soldier we can get in our ongoing battle against terrorist, tyrants, evil monkeys, and clowns!