Saturday, October 9, 2010

The Republicans are Responsible!

Hey Angry Electorate!

So, you've lost your home! Your 401 K is used up! Your Job has gone overseas! You've recently coughed up a red liquid like substance and the Co pay from your insurance is really expensive!

Need someone to blame? 

Yeah! Yeah!

It ain't OBAMA! NO BAMA! It Ain't OBAMA!

Is it the MEXICANS Mista Jaycee?


The Republicans are Responsible!

Well, Mista Jaycee We Elected that Black Fella and the Country is still doing poorly! He's been in Office for what TWO Years and we want to see some results!

The Republicans are Responsible!

Mad at Congress? THE TEA PARTY is NOT the SOLUTION!  SARAH PALIN has never been and will never be the SOLUTION to solving Washington's problem unless it's to make it worse. Now, go back to pleasuring yourself with her pictures Bama! It's ok.  I won't tell anyone!

The Republicans are Responsible!

The same Bastards that got you in this mess are NOT gonna get you out of it! If you are not going to vote DEMOCRAT then VOTE GREEN, PEACE and FREEDOM or LIBERTARIAN but DO NOT VOTE TEA PARTY or REPUBLICAN!


The Republicans are Responsible! The Republicans are Responsible!

The Republicans are Responsible! The Republicans are Responsible!

DEREGULATION is the Blame!

My Foil Brother Logical says it WRONG for me to place the blame squarely on the backs of ONE Party!

Maybe! Maybe it is UNFAIR! But so what! Brother Logical is not incorrect in saying that the TWO are to blame.


Both groups are bottom feeders and deserved to be expelled from EARTH! However, Since no other intergalactic planet or planetoids will have them all we can do is Kick em out of Congress!

The Republicans are Responsible!

Why? Cause "Bam Bam" that's what I call President Obama, reached out to all those bastards when he took office and they spit on him and threw rocks!

"I hope you Fail!"  Rush Limbaugh

"Obama is a Muslim!" The Right Wing

"Obama is a Socialist!" The Right Wing

"Obama is NOT a Legal Citizen of this country" The Birthers Movement

Yet, President Obama has not slandered or demeaned anyone! He's reached out when he didn't have to.  Past President George Walker Bush never reached out to the Dems when his party held the Presidency, Senate and the House! He pushed his agenda no matter how extreme it might have been.

That's why The Republicans are Responsible!

What American needs are Statesmen! A Statesmen looks out for the benefits of the people. All the People not the needs of the PARTY! None of these people have done that and none are doing that now.


If the Republicans get back into real power what will they do for you? Will they help people who's houses have been foreclosed on get back into their homes?  Will they rebuild the manufacturing sector of America? Will they create jobs or start training programs that help people get jobs that pay more than the minimum wage?  Will they help with the rising costs of health care and tuition?


So the Republicans lowering taxes even further on the Highest Wage earners is gonna help YOU (not one of the Highest) get in a better state? 

Well, maybe you read me for fun and really care about Business.  Will the Republicans make sure that sewage and pollution is lowered? You know if they are allowed to build a factory for instance, will it pollute the area it's in so bad that the land is not usable again?  Of course the Republicans are known for being concerned with folks drinking water right? 

Of course the Republicans will make sure that once businesses get those tax breaks that they stay in AMERICA and create jobs in AMERICA right?  They won't just lay off even more people and pocket the savings right? 

WRONG! And you know it! They've never done that! They've never looked out for anyone other than the HIGHEST WAGE EARNING BUSINESS OWNER CONTRIBUTORS TO THEIR PARTY and they ain't gonna start now! That's why you elected the BLACK DUDE!

Now, Get behind the Black Dude (President Obama) and make sure that his agenda is carried out! And in two or six years if it still sux or sucks worse then throw President OBAMA out but YOU MUST GIVE him a FAIR CHANCE! 

It took 20 Years or Longer for all this to fall apart and YOU Can't Expect one dude to fix it in 2 years!

BE Prayerful! BE Mindful! BE Careful!

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2cute4u said...

I'm thinking it's the hype and the 'messiah' expectation attached to Obama's election and victory.. So like the humans that we are, everyone expects a miracle ASAP. It doesn't work that way.
When Christ walked the world his first miracle was at age 30 so go figure.