Friday, September 10, 2010

Todays Weapon! Ahisma! Do no harm!

I wrote on the principle of Ahisma (Non violence) on Mista Jaycee's Stretchin out not too long ago but it got me to thinking.  Yeshua (Jesus) when speaking to the crowds and his disciples "Bless them that curse you!" "Love your enemies".

This week, the news covered alot about this So called Christian Pastor who planned to burn copies of the Noble Quran on September 11.  Was this a Christ-like response to the horror of that day? Of course not! What is non violence really? It does not mean that I don't hit you back when you hit me! That's wrong and simple minded.

True NON-Violence means that you wrap yourself in the armor of LOVE! Without the supreme love that comes from the DIVINE you can not combat the forces of darkness.  If you wrap yourself in the armor of love, and eat the bread of the divine. (Bless them that curse you) then you are first dealing with the darkness in yourself! I'll admit it! I got pissed at alot of what the Pastor proposed to do. 

I know Muslims and have family members and friends that follow Al-Islam.  I listen to them and how they feel their religion is portrayed and understood in this country. Well, what about mine?  I've taken the time to read the Noble Quran, it's a beautiful book.  I hope and invite folks to read the Bible because it's a beautiful book.

Most of all. I hope that people would try to live the principles in all the Holy books. Love God (IAM) and each other and if not then treat each other with respect.

Ahisma! Do no harm!

BE Prayerful! BE Mindful! BE Careful!