Wednesday, September 22, 2010

YAY For Mike Vick! Redemption Step 2

Mike Vick is now the starting Quarterback for the Philadelphia Eagles.  KEWL! Now, I am a DIE HARD RAIDER FAN and that ain't gonna change but I'm happy for Mike Vick! I got tired of football folks acting as if Mike Vick was a washed up has been.  Mike Vick had a $100 Million dollar contract and was on the cover of Madden just a couple of years ago. Mike Vick was one of the most feared of a new style of Quarterbacks! Big like a linebacker, fast like a running back that included Dante Culpepper. 

He went to jail for financing a dog fighting ring! He trained, fought and killed dogs.  He was disgraced, he was fined and he was incarcerated.  That's right! He was JAILED and he lost his FORTUNE! Philly gave him a shot after two years of incarceration.  He backed up Donovan Mcnabb!  Philly wanted something or someone  different and they BOOSTED UP KEVIN COBB, the Young Quarterback heir apparent.  COBB is not ready yet and Mike Vick is NO Has been.  He's a Proven STARTER who committed a CRIME, got caught and served time!

There are still people who don't want to ever let MIKE VICK have a day in the sun.  That's a shame! Forgiveness and Redemption are things that we value so much. Well, at least that's what we always highlight in the movies.  Mike Vick's been hanging with the always classy Coach Tony Dungy, so he's not gonna say this but since I ain't hangin with TONY DUNGY i'll say it for him. 

Years ago, I was surprised to learn that Actor/Comedian Tim Allen is a convicted Felon! He sold cocaine, He was a real Drug Dealer! He got caught and did time.  Right before he went to prison, he started to do stand up. He told the comedy club owner that his name was Tim Allen Dick (Yes, that's his real name) and that he would be going to jail soon for selling drugs.  He went to PRISON! He came out and went into comedy.  Funnie, didn't he have a top 10 family comedy called Home Improvement? Yeah, he did.  He has told his story but no one ever says HEY! There goes Tim Allen the DRUG DEALER! He does movies! Family Movies of which I am a fan! Well, except for Santa Clause 3.

Movie Star/Television Actor/Convicted Felon TIM ALLEN

Eff all them folks that won't forgive and move on! Mike Vick didn't RAPE a College GIRL! He was not accused of SEXUALLY Assaulting anyone. He did not drive drunk! He did not cheat on his taxes! He did not fire a gun in a nightclub.  He did not spit on a fan.  He did not drive his vehicle onto the sidewalk and take out "Fluffy" Grandma's faithful yorkie! There are some in Professional Sports that have been accused of and that DID some of the above that are playing and living their lives.

HE fought PIT BULLS for ALOT of MONEY! HE fought PIT BULLS for ALOT of MONEY!

HE fought PIT BULLS for ALOT of MONEY! HE fought PIT BULLS for ALOT of MONEY!

He killed the losers and the ones who would weaken the breed. He is now a Felon, he can't vote now.  He will always have to explain what he did when he was in his 20's for the rest of his life! It may keep him out of the Hall of Fame one day! Some dog lover who has a vote may decide that Mike Vick can not enter the hall even if he does good works and great football for the next twenty years.

He fought some Damn Dogs! DOGS not HUMANS! THEY are NOT THE SAME! You've forgiven and given second and third chances to far worse for far worse! Get over it!

Thank God (IAM) for Redemption and MIKE I'm routing for you!

BE Prayerful! BE Mindful! BE Careful!

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