Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Update! Reggie Bush Gives up the Heisman!

It's amazing when a Black Man dates a White Woman all the problems that he encounters in LIFE from that point become the fault of dating the WHITE Woman! Example! Billy got hit by a car! Shouldn't nuh been effin with that White Girl! Comedian Chis Rock!

Reggie Bush Loses the Heisman! Shouldn't Nuh been effin with that White Girl!

Heisman Trophy Winner and Current NFL Star Reggie Bush has returned the Heisman Trophy amidst allegations that he was ineligible to play during the 2005 University of Southern California Championship Season after the NCAA sanctioned the University for NCAA Rule Violations.  The University has vacated all their victories and the Championship banners, disassociated themselves from Mr. Bush, changing the Media Guide to reflect only five not six Heisman Trophy winners, receiving a two year post season Bowl ban, and forfeiting 30 Scholarships. 

For this writer this serves as a cautionary tale for all Marquee High Profile College Athletes in ALL SPORTS! There are plenty of people who want to make money off of you and they will use many different means in order to gain your favor and entice you to accept gifts. In Mr. Bush's case, it was gifts given to his family, including money to buy a new home. For Mr. Bush it was supposedly a new vehicle which he drove on to the campus.  Athletes DO NOT accept GIFTS! Don't DO it!

For the University of Southern California, I'd like to say this! STOP BEING EFFIN HYPOCRITES! If Reggie Heisman Trophy Winner Bush drove on Campus with a NEW EFFIN VEHICLE you should have pulled REGGIE and HIS FAMILY in and made sure this was KOSHER! Now, giving you the benefit of the doubt, maybe you didn't know. Or maybe you felt as the Bush's did that while it might have been wrong in the spirit of the law it was not wrong technically cause the ATHLETE didn't accept any monies directly!

Reggie, You a great Trojan! There I said it! Even if the University has decided to set you adrift in the battle! YOU STILL A USC TROJAN and the TRUE 2005 HEISMAN WINNER! Go out and BE TRUTHFUL and HONORABLE about this situation. Spare no names cause they have not done the same by you. By the way.....

I don't think it was cause you was Effin around with that White Girl! That ish is hilarious though!

BE Prayerful! BE Mindful! BE Careful!


jobsfornaija said...

Well, abeg, he should stick to black women, its annoying that the white ladies keep stealing our lovely black men, kendra took Hank, kims sister took Lamar, etc. Abeg, they should marry thier fellow blacks jare!

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Mista Jaycee said...

Hey Jobs for Naija,
Thanks for chiming in. I think Reggie dates alot of Sistahs but he dated KIM Kardashian who is by the way, very shapely (A Sistah trait) and Beautiful. The point of the post though was just that Reggie lost the Heisman. I love Sistahs and I believe Reggie does too. He's got a Mama, so I think he loves the Sistahs.