Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Spoken Word Artist/Poet Gia Scott-Heron in Long Beach!

Spoken Word Artist/Poet "Miss Gia" Scott-Heron

This past, Saturday Night ,I grabbed my camera and drove over to the Village Treasures Art Gallery in the East Arts Village. The Art Walk happens every 2nd Saturday Night on Linden Ave and Broadway. It's a cool thing, but I ignored the Art Walk. because the Poet "Miss Gia" was getting down at Village Treasures and I wanted to check her out!

Gia Scott-Heron and I have known each other for "Years"! She featured at Soulstice at the Original Shades of Afrika in the East Arts Village (Downtown) Long Beach! I remember meeting her clearly. A Mic and Dimlights Founder "Bess Kepp" was featuring at Soulstice that night and "Gia" and Poet "Bomani" were along for the ride. "Bess Kepp and Bomani " introduced her to me and spoke highly of her and her talent. I remember her first sets.
She had a real chip on her shoulder cause people kept lumping her poetry in the same vein as "Jill" Scott or thinking she was just coasting off the name and fame of her Papa "Gil Scott" Heron dig? But she's "Gia" and she has her own magic. By the way Bess and Bomani, in case I've never said it! Thanks Guys!

Gia rocks! Now, this past Saturday night, Gia was promoting her Spoken Word cd "Souletree". She opened with pieces about the state of the world, the price and gas and just being sexxxy! She performed favorites like "Nine". For all those Fellas lookin for that Girl that's an absolute "Dime" this is a must hear!

Finally, she closed her set with a gem of a piece called "The Beauty Within"! One of the greatest pleasures I've experienced as a Spoken Word Poet is hearing one that makes me want to just put down my pen. When that happens it motivates me to push to the next level of my own art! Gia is one of those poets that can elicit that response.

Grab a Copy of Souletree and pre-order Miss Gia's new set.

Mista Jaycee with "Gia" Scott-Heron

BE Prayerful! BE Mindful! BE Careful!



SincerelyGo said...

Do not try to lure me into Long Beach, I've made up my mind I'm moving to SD. Maybe! LOL

2cute4u said...

Been long I've been here!
I have missed a lot too..
I see you've changed your template..
Nice post.