Saturday, January 14, 2012

Education in AmeriKKKA!

What happened to wood shop? Autoshop? Metalshop? I made a cutting board, and I was real proud whenever my Mom used it. I learned to fix the wiring in a lamp!  Of course, this helped me as a writer.  Not! But it helped me as a Man.

It helped me as a teenager, and I now as a pre-geezer, (age 42) I listen to all these political hacks constantly promote nothing except Math and Science to complete with the Chinese Students who live in China.

Question? What if you aren't good at Math and Science? Is it fair that education is now geared only to Math and Science and not towards wood shop, auto shop, electrical shop, Music and Art Education?

But we have to compete with those Indian/Chinese kids who study year round? You mean those kids that come over here to learn from our professors while sitting next to Johnny and Jill Appleseed?

Come on you know that's bulls*it!

Their education is not better than ours, it's geared in one direction though. It may work for their country but I'm sure that there are educators who have looked into the long term health of the China's Educational system that do not support Math and Science solely being the focus.

So, what's really going on?  Well, the death of American Manufacturing for one?  We ain't making nothing and if we are we want it cheap!

Americans want to be able to make a decent living from their work. They want to get paid.  No one wants to work in a sweat shop for sweat shop pay but that's exactly what certain segments of the American Private Sector seemed to be gearing us for. But I digress!

Here we are battling Real Education versus Volk Education in a very real way.  Real Education means that you study everything indeptly with the intent on running things.  This has been set aside for the children of the financial elite.   And then there's Volk (Citizen or People) Education.  That's public education with an emphasis on making good Citizens or State Soldiers.   That's right! They want you to be clones, drones, automatons.  Yeah, I said it! And it's true.

Public School Education is geared to get the working class kids to do what?  March in lockstep.  Don't believe me? Look at any elementary school in the inner city.  Kids come through one gate, show id to a guard, wear a uniform and may have recess on a fenced in playground. Surprise they going to prison?  You shouldn't be. They've been trained for it.  Go to Prison cause there are not real viable economic opportunities available and build that General Electric Washing Machine in a Private Prison Workshop for 18 cents a day that they sell to you for $800.00 while they lay off thousands of machinists while crying poor.

Am I lying?  Have I told ya wrong? No and ya know it but is you mad enough to do something about it?
First thing.  Do NOT Vote Republican under any circumstances.  Support President Obama and Kick out any Democrats that don't support a PROGRESSIVE AGENDA.

Go to the local Education Boards and start demanding a REAL EDUCATION and REMOVING THE Apparatus that creates Citizen Soldiers Education.

Just a thought!

BE Mindful! BE Prayerful! BE Careful!


Paper Boy said...

well spoken.

Teems said...

Just had a conversation about this today. This post was right on time.

FireArmsFred said...

I am so excited after seeing your blog.

NRA Instructor

Dysfunctionally Functioning said...

excellent and I couldnt agree more. I watched a special on CNN recently sbout the state of education in America and couldnt believe the things I heard. As a parent Im concerned that my child spends more time on passing a state test than on recieving an actual education. Think about all the classes and programs that we had growing up that are now non existent: sports (except high school), art, music etc..I know teachers who are paying out of pocket for their students to have adequate reading material and books. For every 50 people that complains there are 25 who dont vote. Thank You for posting this. I was about to start ranting and raving, but I'll cut it short, and leave it at this is definetely food for thought :)

C.L. Jones said...

I hear what you're saying, however it's a bit naive to undermine the importance of math and science. You need math and science to be an engineer. There are not enough black engineers if you ask me. Plus let's not forget that math and science promote critical thinking, as well. I think the problem is that the American educational system is no longer diverse. You're right, students no longer have options. But having options doesn't mean that one subject or activity is better than another.