Tuesday, February 18, 2014

If you think this is what racism is supposed to look like then you are truly naive. 

A teenager was shot in the back of the head by an Asian merchant in Watts, CA.  Her name was Latasha Harland.  She had gone in the store just before school to get some orange juice.  She was followed around by the store clerks, harassed and finally decided she would take no more and would leave the store.  The merchant, a Woman tried to search Latasha Harland's back pack.  Latasha refused and was walking out of the store.  The Woman shot her in the back of head.  Later when she was brought to court she was not sentenced to life in prison for cold blooded murder but to probation.

That was the early 1990's.  A White Hispanic Man named George Zimmerman, a self styled neighborhood watchman followed an unarmed teenager through a gated community. Zimmerman called the police, was told to cease following the teenager but persisted and shoots the teen killing him saying he feared for his life.  The teen, Travon Martin, age 17, had a can of Arizona Ice tea and a package of skittles candy.  Zimmerman was brought to trail and acquitted. Martin, deceased was painted to be a thug kid.  

Jordan Davis was shot and killed sitting in a truck after Michael Dunn an older White Man emptied a hand weapon into the vehicle wounding several teenagers and killing Davis.  He was convicted of attempted murder but not murder.  

So what do these incidents tell us?  It tells Black People that there lives are not worth anything in the eyes of the American judicial system.  Don't believe me. Go back to Rodney King. He was beaten by several police officers, it was filmed by a White Man and still the officers were acquitted. They were caught on tape.  

So in spite of evidence.  In spite of eye witnesses. In spite of the whole world watching all these people were abused, mistreated and killed. Afterwards their characters were defamed and slandered. Why? Because of their clothing? Because of their music? Because of their regional style of walk, talk and attitude.  Because they were Black! 

If you think that the racist power structure is not alive and well or that racism looks like the above photo then I feel bad for you because you are blind. 

BE Prayerful! BE Mindful! BE Careful! 



uglyblackjohn said...

There is a case here in Texas - Jasper, Texas - that is raising a few eyebrows. A man named Alfred Wright went missing in the town know for the dragging death of another man. CNN did a special. If you didn't already know, racism is alive and well in much of the United States.

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Rev. Juan M. Perez said...

The problem with racism is that it is not an American phenomenon, which can be somehow eliminated. It exists throughout the world, and it is practiced by people of all races; blacks, whites, browns, and others. Racism is not going away. The answer is, in my opinion, to learn to live above the expectations of racists and not allow ourselves to be manipulated by their racism. We must lean not to give in to our emotions, but instead to choose to live as Americans who will demand "justice" and "fairness" for ALL people. In my book "We Are NOT Field Negros" (Amazon), I go into better detail on how I see the race problem as a tool to manipulate the American black into isolating himself from the very thing that can be used to improve things, the system.