Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Common....A Threat????

I watched a clip of Jon Stewart the "Daily Show" talking with Pundit Bill O'Rielly about his opposition to Rapper/Poet Activist Common's invite to the White House for all things performing poetry.  Seems that Mr. O'Reilly is an avid listener (Sarcasm) of Hip Hop Music, having gone after Ludacris some years back for having been a drug dealer, got Pepsi to pull their commercials with him as a feature.  This time, he points out Common's "Song for Assata." Bill O'Reilly asserts that Common is celebrating a "Cop Killer" and that the White House should not invite him based on that. Funny how he didn't point out that Common also speaks out against Abortion on his "One day it will all make Sense" album.

"Musta really thought I was God to take the life of my Son, I turned your womb into a tomb"

Common's "Song for Assata" does NOT celebrate a "Cop Killer"! Assata Shakur formerly Joanne Chesimard was a Black Panther and Black Liberation Army member. She was "convicted" on flimsy evidence and escaped from Prison. She last resided in Cuba.  Hey Right Wing, there are alot of People, Black Folks in particular who BELIEVE that Assata is INNOCENT of the crime.  She is left handed and the EVIDENCE points out that the Officer killed was shot by a right handed person.  The EVIDENCE points out that Assatas left arm was injured at the time of the shooting. Buts let's not let a little thing like EVIDENCE or INNOCENCE get in the way of the killing of an AGENT Of THE STATE!

Guess what Right Wing Political believers, this may be hard for you to stomach but guess what???


(Whispered) "Afrikan American People have their own definition of patriotism! Afrikan Americans have their own history that is both intertwined, interlaced and interlocked with yours but it is unique and distinctive.
America has been at war with the Afrikan America since before there was an America.  It was J. Edgar Hoover who allowed the programs like Cointelpro and Project NU MAN to proceed against American Citizens. Those Afrikan Americans ARE Americans and they had rights.  J. Edgar Hoover was at WAR with the Afrikan American community and he used his intellect, his muscle and the power of the American Government to disgrace, frame, discredit, jail and kill Afrikan American Citizens.

There are hundreds of Afrikan American political dissidents, Black Liberation Army, Black Panthers, United Slaves and other groups that have had their leadership and membership harassed or murdered by their own Government. Geronimo Ji Jaga Pratt spent 30 years in a California Prison including six months on Death Row for the murder of a Santa Monica School teacher when the FBI states in the COINTELPRO papers they knew he was in Oakland at the time of the murder.  Marshall Eddie Conway still lives in prison in Maryland because of the COINTELPRO program. 

Sorry, my Right wing European American Brothers and Sisters but America does not fight fair and didn't and Black Folks do not, will not and can not take your word that everyone who is CONVICTED in the American Justice system received an unbiased, fair trail.  Assata Shakur is one of them.

The Obama's did a courageous thing bringing Common to the White House. Mr. Obama showcased American Freedom of Speech, American Freedom of from persecution due to Religious, Creed or Political belief and showcased that American Citizens have the right to disagree and criticize it's Government.  Common is doing just that by fighting for Assatas right to a fair trail, which she has not received and for her innocence. 

Shame on you Right Wing and Bill O'Reilly for criticizing the PRESIDENT for actually Living by the principles America says it's about!

BE Prayerful! BE Mindful! BE Careful!

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Xay B. said...

I was just talking about this with some of my friends earlier. I think Jon Stewart said it best if that Common is a threat with his lyrics ppl like Bob Dylan, ZZ Top, or other bands and musicians that are not black are just as susceptible.