Thursday, May 12, 2011

Really? Newt Gingrich is your Solution for America?

The economy is still in the toilet, and high gas prices definitely harken back to the 70's when President Carter was President. This is a problem for "Bam Bam" or President Obama, for all y'all that don't know him like I do.  Me and "Bam Bam" are tight!

President Obama since he has been elected has gotten a Health Care Reform bill passed.  President Clinton attempted it but couldn't do it.  President Obama and the Democrats have gotten with some partisan cooperation the Banking Reform bill passed. President Obama has found and killed Al Queda Leader Osama Ben Laden!

YAY! Happy Dance! Whooo Whoooooo! Oh Yeah!

The Republicans on the other hand instead of creating jobs, have sought to pass legislation that checks BIRTH Certificates and Nationality cause that is AMERICA's most pressing problem.  Republicans have responded to America's Obesity problem by criticizing the First Lady Michelle Obama (With her fine azz)  for planting an organic garden on the White House lawn and for leading an exercise program and calling her FAT!

The Republicans bombarded America all year with Sarah Palin, Ann Coulter and the DONALD got into the act confirming what we all suspected but didn't want to confirm that not only is the DONALD a Narcissistic Idiot Jerk Off but also that he's just an IDIOT! 

But with High Uunemployment, Home Fforeclosures, High Fuel prices, the Japan Nuclear Disaster, and several homemade disasters due to our failing Infrastructure, ie the levees, bridges et al.



No, really.....I'm serious! That's your solution! Newt Gingrich??? America's been affected by one disaster after another so what do you suppose sending Newt will do? What you gon cancel out one disaster with an even bigger disaster???

BE Prayerful! BE Mindful! BE Careful!

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Reggie said...

The funniest thing about the Republican message to me is that all their "new ideas" for solving the economic problems we have are their old ideas that took the economy from sugar to shit ten years ago in the first place.

I'm forever perplexed that no one ever seems to call them on that fact.