Friday, April 17, 2009

Lets Pretend!

“Let’s Pretend”

You walked across the room
Casual hello
Faint scent of perfume
I smile, happy to be, if not standing, next to you, at least near you.

Every waking moment is a game of pretend
Let’s pretend that my blood pressure doesn’t
Rise that I don’t even notice your eyes
That your scents so rancid it makes me cry

Let’s pretend

I don’t melt when you pass my way
That I don’t live for this moment everyday

Let’s pretend
My feelings are all platonic
That when I finally scoop you up and kiss you from head to toe
It’s actually quite ironic
Let’s pretend!


ChocolateOrchid said...

Oh, I like!
Happy Friday and have a great weekend!!

Anonymous said...

I really like this ...this is cute.. hmmm... I'll probably do a link to this post if that's okay with you! Yeah April seems like national everything month. I think it's also like National Straw Hat month or something ...


Miss.Stefanie said...

These had to be my favorites of all time. Made me cry and smile. Very beautiful.

Kayos said...

That is good. I mean really good.

You got my attention.

Fly11 said...

I love the incorporation of the photos into the piece ;). Perfectly entertaining...good stuff!