Friday, November 5, 2010

Democrats Lose House Majority!

As expected the Democrats have lost control of the House of Representatives. Some so called media outlets have painted the Republican house victories as a Referendum on President Barack Obama. This could not be further from the truth.

When President Obama was elected congress's approval rating was at 20%. What has congress done since then to change it? Nothing! Outgoing President George W. Bush's approval rating was at a historical presidential low and congress's was right along with him.

America's Financial system failed! The Chicken's came home to roost! So you have a voting public that has lost jobs, lost fortunes, lost houses and they are angry about it. Even more so they are angry about the solutions to the problems as well.

In come the Tea baggers led by Sarah Palin. Gonna set this country back on it's footing right? Gonna show "Washington" that regular American Folks aren't gonna take this lying down! So, it gave the Republican party a chance to gain a few seats the Dems were gonna lose anyway! The People already hated the folks in Congress! Hated! The people want ACTION!

Now, Action can be defined two ways. 1. They want shit fixed now! 2. They want Congress and the President to look like they working on getting shit fixed now! Number 1 ain't gonna happen no time soon no matter who's in office but number 2 should have happened and Congress didn't do that.

Mr. President, these are unprecedented times. Now is NOT the time to be a good President, or do regular Presidential shit. NOPE!

Now's the time to do some Creative, Unorthodox shit! You may have to pull out some of FDR's handbooks and use them to get the country moving again.

What about the Newly elected, Emboldened Republicans who will do everything in their power to stop that? Eff Em! You hear me! Eff them! Before you took office, you had meeting with all those Bastards, reaching out to them when your party had POWER and didn't have to. You were Civil, you were Listening. They called YOU a LIAR! They disrespected YOU, the President of the United States. They disrespected the Office of the United States and You did a PUNK move.

You didn't have those bastards arrested, you didn't have them audited, you let them get away unpunished. Now, Mr. Obama is the time to play dirty.

"I hope you fail!" Rush Limbaugh

"Liar" Joe Wilson

You ushered in Financial Banking Reform. They spit on you! You got a Health Care Bill passed! They mock you and curse your name! And get this. They have no intention of working with you. They have every intention of making your life HELL while you are in office.

Make sure at every turn you point it out to the American Public that THEY are the ones who are holding the Country Hostage! Give Specific Names! Flood they Office Lines! Demand Audits of some of their PET Projects! DO SOMETHING! You can start by NOT being so Damn Agreeable, So Damn Civil, So Damn Forgiving!

You are doing it cause WE ELECTED YOU TO DO JUST THAT! The Republicans feel the People elected them to do what they are planning on doing, throw Monkey Wrenches in your machinery. Remind them that YOU WERE ELECTED PRESIDENT by the PEOPLE! Over 50% of the PEOPLE!

NOTICE TO ALL ELECTED OFFICIALS! WE WILL Call you, fax you, email you and flood your offices with so many letters that you can't leave the Capitol! That's for starters. You don't need to talk about working with the PRESIDENT. You need to really work with the PRESIDENT!

PS. We are STILL ANGRY! DON'T Make us Come down there! Eff Around and make us Run up our Light bill!

BE Prayerful! BE Mindful! BE Careful!

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