Thursday, January 13, 2011

The Arizona Murders! Media says, It wasn't anything We said!

President Barack "Bam Bam" Obama was once again, classy, elegant and took the high road of politics last evening as he addressed the Nation in wake of the murders in Arizona including the assassination of a Judge and a Congressperson.  (You do not have to die in order to be listed as assassinated)

Over the last couple of days though there have been several pundits and organizations, some who have over the last few years mounted an increasing aggressive political climate saying, WE had NOTHING TO DO WITH IT! It wasn't anything WE said that made this LONE NUT GO OFF and KILL PEOPLE WE DIDN'T Agree with!

It wasn't anything WE said that made this LONE NUT GO OFF and KILL PEOPLE WE DIDN'T Agree with!

Baloney! Hogwash! BULL ISH! It is not a coincidence that this so called LONE NUT just happened to kill YOUR POLITICAL Opposition. 

"LIAR!" Congressman Joe Wilson

"I Hope you Fail!" Radio Show Pundit Rush Limbaugh

" There's an African in the Zoo but the White House has a Lyin African!" Tea Party Member's Sign

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Still not convinced???

"Oh, it was nothing we said, it was NOTHING that WE did!" 

The media has great power to influence the public and that power has to be used responsibly. You can't just FART in an Elevator and not expect it to stink and choke out anyone in the vicinity. Sarah Palin is no longer a politically elected official but she is a public figure and she has to be held responsible for what she says first by the MEDIA. 

"How do we do that Mista Jaycee?"

"Hummm, well you could start by countering some of her assertions with..I don't know FACTS! You could have I don't know.... you could have Domonique Diprima, (Front Page) Jasmine Cannuck, (LA Journalist) Danielle Beltran (The Black Snob) to counter her in language, and style and with FACTS! That's just a starter.

Sarah Palin gives a great soundbite! Oh yeah, she's the Effin Karrine Stephens of Soundbites, the Superhead, the Kat Stacks of Effin Soundbites but while it Tit-Til-Lating and Provacative, and gets RATINGS it also starts alot of shit that a responsible MEDIA is supposed to referee.  I believe that somewhere there's a corporate flack who loves that fact that some nut finally killed somebody!  I think that for some it would have been better for ratings if it had been an actual attack on the President. 

"If it bleeds it leads!'

So President Obama, Take your own safety into your own hands starting by warning elected officials that they need to watch their mouths. Secondly by arresting them when they don't! Some have gotten too bold, it's not just criticism of you or your policies which is an American Right but it's borderline threats on your person and on the Office of the President.  Arrest they asses! The time for civility is over and has been for a long time.  I said that President Bill Clinton should have had arrested Senator Jesse Helms when he implied that the "President's Life might be in danger in North Carolina because of his policies."  Senator Jesse Helms received a polite slap on the wrist. That was one Southern Old White Dude, threatening a YOUNGER White Southern Dude who was the POTUS!

I said that President Bill Clinton should have had Senator Jesse Helms arrested!

Time for you Mr. President to stop pretending that some in congress do not have a problem with you being a BLACK Dude, Bi-Racial or not, with the highest office in the land. Arrest them! Sure, it has never happened in Recent American History but there has NEVER been a BLACK MAN IN THE AMERICAN PRESIDENT'S OFFICE BEFORE! Time you set a standard and redefine the rules.

As far as the media is concerned. You may feel that you did not contribute to the climate that may have inspired anyone to kill but I believe that you did.  You can change how you do business TODAY so that you are not the inspiration for the NEXT Group of Nuts!

Just my opinion!

BE Prayerful! BE Mindful! BE Careful!

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missannabanna said...

I agree! He's going to have to make some changes/examples out of folks. He should start with Palin.