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Kongo Square Chat with Novelist Archie Caswell

Welcome to A Choice of Weapons, Kongo Square Chat. I’m your host Mista Jaycee. Today’s guest is Novelist Archie Caswell. Her latest book is “Evolution of a Nympho”

Jaycee: Hi, before we talk about your novel, tell me a little a little about your life as a writer.

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Jaycee:   At what age did you begin writing?

Archie: I believe I was a story teller before I became a writer. I learned the value of my imagination early on.When I learned to spell I began to put pen to paper and
I never stopped.

Jaycee:   What was your first published work?

Archie:  When I was 17 I had a poem published in a local newspaper. It was entitled Who Am I. Now that I think about it , it was corny but I was so proud of myself. lol

Jaycee:  When times are slow, how do you keep yourself encouraged? A lot of aspiring writers quit because of the rejection.
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Archie:  I never attempted to submit my work to a publisher. I felt strongly enough about my work to self publish. I don't have time for rejection. I invested in myself.If I succeed i reap the benefits, if i fail I simply try again. You can't allow other peoples opinions of you to detour your dreams.

Jaycee:   What story turned you on? I mean, what story did you read that made you say I can do this? I want to do this?

Archie:  "Tar Baby" by Iceberg Slim. His characters reminded of the people I had been around my entire life. I didn't know that my reality was worth reading until I discovered his books.

Jaycee:  Now, let’s talk about your most current work, “Evolution of a Nympho” You have my attention with the title. (Laughter) Why did you choose to birth this story or did it choose you?
Novelist Archie Caswell

Archie:  lol...Honestly this book had a voice of its own. I felt it even though I didn't live it. I knew a lot of girls that did. I knew that it was worth sharing when I cried and laughed and cried again. (Laughter)  I read it again last night and I couldn't believe some of the things that I had written. I love this book like a child.

Jaycee:   I have spoken with several published authors, such as Darnella Ford and Odie Hawkins about the so called “Ghettoization” of African American Authors. I’m referring to the lumping of all Black Authors into one section or even more specifically, into one genre. I wouldn’t say that "Evolution of a Nympho" is a younger version of Zane’s the Heat Seekers but maybe an uninformed book seller or publisher might. Have you had to deal with that?

Archie:  No I haven't, but I would be honored to be placed in a category with any of these authors. The title The Evolution Of a Nympho has placed me in the erotica box on its own. This book is so much more than that. It has it's sexual moments but I would prefer to be placed in the urban/lit genre

Jaycee:   Was it fun writing this novel? What’s been the overall reaction to the novel?

Archie:  Writing this novel was intense! It was pleasurable, exciting, emotional,fulfilling, you name it, i felt it. I have received some really good feedback and great reviews. The poll is still out.Ask me this question again next year maybe I'll have a better answer for you.

Jaycee:  What advice would you give to up and coming writers?

Archie:  I would give them the same advice that my father gave me. If you wake up every morning wanting to write, if you go to bed every night with a sonnet on your mind. You are a writer. No piece of paper, no degree, nobody can change that. Just keep writing...
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Jaycee:   What have you discovered about the publishing industry or about just being an author that maybe you had not considered before you got into the business?

Archie:  It's hard work...It's very time consuming and at times it's a struggle. For me the business sometimes takes away from the creativity. It is very challenging, but at the same time it's rewarding. It's more than a job it becomes a away of life

Jaycee:  Who are your inspirations and your writing mentors?

Archie:  I don't want to leave anyone out...(Laughter)   Wahida Clark is a great motivator for me. I love her style. K'wan has been a mentor. I think Mary Morrison is a great business woman, so is Zane. My friends and my family motivate me. Life...Inspires me. I am truly blessed!

Jaycee:   What author just irks the heck out you as an artist/ (Loaded question) (Laughter)

Have you ever heard of Archie Caswell?   She gets on my last nerve! lol lol lol Just kidding...no comment :-)

Jaycee: Thanks for allowing me to interview you.

Archie:  Thanks for having me.

Jaycee: "Evolution of a Nympho" and all Archie Caswell's Novels can be purchased at www.flawlessclient.com

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