Monday, January 10, 2011

I Love Women's Basketball!

I love Women's Basketball! My Daughter played in high school and in college.  I went to every home game and sat through hours and hours of hard, grueling practices and tournaments, so I was deeply offended while listening to the Petros and Money radio show.  P and Money were on vacation but the guest hosts were talking about John Wooden's UCLA Bruin win streak being eclipsed by Gene Aurelia's UCONN Women's Huskies team win of 90. 

Who's cares about Women's Basketball he asked?

I do! I care deeply.  It's a very enjoyable brand of basketball. The WNBA is boring to me.  I went to a Los Angeles Sparks game and it was as exciting as watching hair grow.  I think that's the NBA's doing.  The College game is a great product. Fast Break basketball, great defense, with passionate players.  But back to my point.

Women's college basketball does not receive the coverage they should. My Daughter's team for instance, never enjoyed what the Men's team took for granted.  The school band sat in the stands and played during the Men's game, the Cheer Team, cheered for the Men's team.  The concession stand was open for the Men and The Women's team was encouraged to support the Men's team.  They didn't always cheer for the Women's game.

This is a fundamental point of unfairness.  The Men should BE encouraged by the Athletic department to support the Women's teams.  Reality check! Men's sports bring alot of dough to the colleges but Women's bring money as well as prestige to the college.  Does Duke, Stanford, Rutgers or Tennessee turn down any publicity garnered from a successful Women's program? Heck No!

South Eastern Louisiana University loves to promote Robin Roberts as an alumnus. A Basketball playing Alumnus who graduated and went on to ESPN and then to Good Morning America!

So, I would encourage you to write the athletic programs of your local colleges and universities in support of the Women's programs.  Plus follow up by wearing a college jersey and writing a check! WRITE A CHECK FOR THE PROGRAM!

BE Prayerful! BE Mindful! BE Careful!

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uglyblackjohn said...

I love that a West Coast team broke the streak.
While I'm more of a USC fan - being in Texas, any WC team will do.