Wednesday, May 20, 2009

I Saw Star Trek!

I saw the new Star Trek. Now when the homeboy Serious Black said the Zoe Saldana was gonna be the new Uhura, I was like %&%()$$+##! She's beautiful but she's a Honey baby and Uhura was a super Soul Chocolate Sista! They gonna try to re-write the Trek!

Now, I ain't a trekkie even though I loved the Original series with William Shatner. I grew up with it, so imagine my surprise when I saw the clips advertising the movie; Kinda makes you think Kirk and Uhura had a back story that we didn't see in the original.
Not! Now, I enjoyed the movie, I really did but it wasn't the best writing. It took alot of time letting us know that Kirk was a bad azz and even let us know that he's a genius bad azz. A GENIUS! And of course a Bad Azz who just needs a Father figure to show him some real guidance and no shortage of Women, Green and otherwise who want to suckle him and let him know Mami's here for you Kirk! Mami's here! Boring! That parts boring, predictable, lazy writing that's been done to death!
Now the fight scenes! Kick Azz! Oh Yeah! Here's what you need in a great action film, well most any film really. Sulu Effin Rox! Oh, Yeah!
1. Chase Scene!
2. Fight Scene!
3. Full frontal Nudity!
4. Explosions!
5. A kick azz super baddie who dies in a horrible,grotesque manner!
No Nudity!
That's Ok cause it has lots of explosions! The Notebook this movie ain't! This is Star Trek for the Fast and Furious set.
The only thing I found utterly distasteful was the diffusing of one of Hallmarks! Uhura and Kirk kissed shattering an strong old Racist taboo. An Interracial Kiss. They took that out in favor of a love affair between Spock and Uhura. Spock and Uhura? An Alien and a Minority! Ok, somewhere Ole Jimmy Crow is saying well, that's ok.
Yeah, Ok We can deal with that. Just goes to show that if you ain't watching the gains you made can be taken away.
Just like that!
BE Mindful! BE Prayerful! BE Careful!


Miss.Stefanie said...

Not a fan of Star Trek---*dont hit me*


Ok, so I saw it to, (I liked it) and cause I watched some of the shows on & off, I don't know a lot of the back stories... like I thought Spock & Ahora had something going on in the series....hmmm. And in this day and age, it seems we should be past the whole interracial thing, Like Halle kissed Bob, Sanaa Lathan kissed dude (forgot his name) in Something New, and I’m sure we can pull a few more out... what’s the big deal... oh well, Spock was cool too...I didn’t realize that was Gabriel from my movie Heroes until like half-way through it!!!

Mista Jaycee said...

Mr. Spock was totally logical in the series, resisting all emotion. Uhura did not give off much sentimentality in the series to anyone. But all that aside, DC, with each new re-write or retelling of a series, a whole new generation either is introduced to an idea or an idea is buried. What if we brought back Get Christie Love and instead of her being a super competent tough as nails Black Women Cop, she's a sexxx Bomb with no real skill or intelligence. What if we reintroduce Julia as a single Mother dealing with a broke azz no count gangster? It could happen.
History is in the mind of the teller.

Kim said...

Do you remember this fight scence

When you click the link it's the
2nd Fight Scene.. the Worst One..