Friday, May 8, 2009

No Soda Challenge Ends!

I took the 30 No Soda Challenge and I won! Then, I took the 60 day soda challenge, cause I was feeling good and my bud from Dysfunctionally Functioning dared me. That too was successful, except for that sip at the Toyota Grand Prix, which I documented. Well day 65 came up and I decided to have a lil soda. Mrs. Jaycee had stopped her no soda challenge a week before and well, I thought that I, being of sound mind could have a little sip and then.........

I thought I could control it! Addicts say that all the time. Well, I poured a Thomas Keppner Vanilla Creme soda over some ice. The amber liquid looked frosty against the octagon shaped ice cubes. The perspiration slowly coming down the glass and my face.

Ummm! This was gonna taste goooood! Sooooo goood! Come to me Baby, you know you got what I neeeeeeeed! (Addict talk)

Then, I took a sip. Blllllllllach! I felt Sick! SICK! Soda never made me feel sick before. It had always been my friend. I know, I've gotta take my medicine I'll just wash it down with a little more. Blacccccccccccch!

The whole next day I felt like hell, and this is from a dude that once went on a bender and drank 2 seven and sevens, a Gin and Tonic, 2 plates of ATOMIC hot wings with 2 plates of calamari and top it off with some purple slurpee type liquid that you stirred Barcardi 151 into.

I didn't feel as bad when I did that as I felt when I drank the soda. I felt bad allll the next day.

I'm cured! No more Sodas! I'm Freeeeeeeee!

No more No soda challenges y'all just no more soda Dig?

BE Prayerful!BE Mindful! BE Careful!


jjbrock said...

Congratulation on your endeavor...I am trying to give up sugar but it's hard...I can't eat a meal without something sweet...It's almost as if I am addicted to it.

Miss.Stefanie said...

I wish I could soda detox :(

Coogie Cruz said...


DC DIVA DATING ADVENTURES said... had me scared there for a second!!! what's the next new challenge. Bring it on!