Friday, May 1, 2009

Supreme Court Justice David Souter Retires!

WOW! President Barack Obama will get to make an appointment to the Supreme Court! My Wish list would be a Radical Progressive Black Man or Woman to counter Clarence Thomas. But I know President Bam Bam will make a good selection. I mean, it's not like President Barack Obama reads A Choice of Weapons. Although, he should! (hint, hint)

I think that Past President Bush Senior is a Huuuuuuge Tool for appointing Clarence Thomas to the bench in Thurgood Marshall's stead. How could you? I can see you appoint a so called conservative but I do not believe that that appointment was coincidence. No! That was a Biiiiiig Eff you to the Warren Court and to then, President Johnson.

I don't know bout y'all but I think that it would be the best ticket in town to see Thomas, Scalia, Roberts and Alito go up against some new legal minds that have yet to be introduced. How bout y'all?

Here's to Change!

BE Careful! BE Mindful! BE Prayerful!


Miss.Stefanie said...

Read this... :)

Revvy Rev said...

Yeah, I hear you! I hope that we see 2-3 new minds in the near future on the bench.

How you doin' man? I've been kinda laying low, wearing a lot of hats and trying to slow down. Those Celts got me on edge too. Its certainly an uphill task with all the injuries. I'm looking to next year. I still can't root for the Lakers. I want to because of you, but I just can't pull myself to do it. :>)

CareyCarey said...

Hello All

I don't know what they are going to do about the supreme court bench. My vote is for Will Smith. Are you kidding me? Am not kidding you. Look, Ronald Fagan Regan was an actor (poor actor) that became president - right. Now, Will Smith has saved the world in several of his flick - right? BAM ...straight to the bench.

But look, did I hear someone hatin' on my BULLS? Yawl looking at the next future dynasty. Well, after Kobie retires. Yep, I think the trophy is on a fast train to LA. No ...a nonstop jet to LA.

But don't go to sleep on Will Smith. But if not Will, I have another pick.

Cherise said...

I'm very interested to see who he chooses. I'm almost positive whoever it is will be a good choice.

CareyCarey said...

I don't know who they are going to pick for the bench but I have a pick.

Well, Ronald Fagan Ragan, was an actor (poor actor) and he became President of The US - right. Well, what about a guy that has actually saved the world in many of his picture? BAM ...Will Smith. Huh ...what? He dressed in black and blasted aliens (got the black (robe) thang going on already). He's flown planes and shot down attacks from afar. And like Regan, he was in The Wild Wild West. Sounds like a supreme court justice to me *smile*. AND he has a black wife ...DOUBLE BAM BAM!

But look, did I hear someone hating on my BULLS? Yawl looking at the next dynesty. Well, after Kobie retires. Yep, don't need no ticket, just get onboard ...the championship trophy is heading towards LA.

Listen ...remember these words Lakers & Will Smith.

I'll be waiting over here in the cheap seats.

I'll tell you what, if not Will Smith, I have another great pick, yes sir. Holler if you think I am on to something.

CareyCarey said...


Mista Jaycee said...

Ronald Reagan! Ewww, just typing the name, hurts! Will Smith, had the good taste to marry Jada. Cool but not for the Supreme Court.

That honor should go to James Earl Jones. He played the President in the Man and He's the voice of Darth Vader. What could be cooler than that!
Seriously though I hope he vets his nominees better than before. Goodness two people that don't pay they taxes!
Go Lakers! Andrew Bynum is the future!

Mista Jaycee said...

Double R,
I'll root for the Lakers for both of us. That way Mister Bill Russell won't crush you.