Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Mista Jaycee Talks Health!

GURU from Gangstarr

Last night, I heard that Guru (Gifted Universal Rhymes Unlimited) MC for Seminal Hip-Hop Group Gangstarr had suffered a heart attack, lapsed into a coma and was in surgery. Later, I heard he had died. Thankfully, his death was only a rumor, so keep praying for the Brother's recovery. Well, after reading, that he was only 43 years old, it got me to thinking about my own health and mortality.

We never talk about health for real! I think, that we've been conditioned, to accept premature Death! When Pac and Biggie were murdered it shocked us but it didn't surprise us. When Mac Dre was murdered it didn't surprise us. When Cowboy (Furious Five) and Big L were murdered, again, no surprise.

Jay Dee or JDilla from the Soulquarians

But, it seems to me, that when "Buffy The Human Beat Box" (Fat Boys) died of a heart attack we just moved on. Buff was a really heavy guy, but we didn't change anything about our own diets or lifestyle. When "Big Punisher" died of a heart attack. His weight was cited ,and we moved on. Could it be that we ignored our own health risks cause Big Pun was SOOOO Big? He was Big but if he ate the same things we are eating such as Fried foods, high in salt and calories shouldn't we be concerned?

Buffy The Human Beat Box From the Fat Boys

We moved on.

"Big Pun rumored to be 540 pounds"

When MC Breed died from kidney failure it didn't really spark discussions on Hypertension, Diet, Exercise, Smoking (Cigarettes, Cigars, Weed) and Diet. (High Fat, High Salt High Sugar). It should have though. He was sick for a long time and he died Young.

How many young Black Men and Women have died young, or are currently, suffering from hypertension and Diabetes? How often do we see a doctor? Have you ever wondered why we don't see any Black Folks in Gym commercials? I've never seen a Bally's ad that targeted the Black Community have you?

Stress should be a major concern for Black Folks but have you seen any ads promoting meditation? Any ads promoting Tai Chi or Yoga to Black Folks?

Me neither!

How bout Mental Illness? How about chemical imbalances? Oh...Black Folks don't talk about that but we do suffer. Baatin from Slum Village suffered from Bi-Polar depression. Jay Dee or JDilla died from complications from Lupus. Do you see any ads highlighting Lupus or similar disorders in the Black community? Any highlighting treatment? What about Sickle Cell Anemia? TBOZ from TLC suffers from it. It primarily affects Black Folks but we see no commercials, hear of no treatments, hear of no new tests, or how it affects our community now.

Am I mistaken?

Has anyone ever done a study comparing how many rappers are dying from hypertension, diabetes, kidney failure, stroke or other diseases?

I lost two close friends to High Blood Pressure and Diabetes. MC LAW (The Lyrical Ace of Wisdom) from Long Beach's Droppin the Funk died from complications of Juvenile Diabetes and High Blood Pressure. He had Type 1 Diabetes from childhood and was insulin dependent. He loss his eyesight, suffered nerve damage and his kidneys failed. He was talented and so full of Life. He was 28 years old.

Mr. Snappz from Coolio's backup band (Gangstas and Thugs) suffered a stroke, and succumbed two months later, from complications. He had untreated high blood pressure. He exercised regularly, lifting weights and doing callisthenics's. He played basketball. He wasn't overweight. He smoked weed regularly and he drank alcohol. His diet was a young Man's diet consisting of alot of fast food, although, he could cook and did when he was able. He was 34 years old!

Both LAW and Mr. Snappz were too young to have died from these health problems.

Ok, so we lose more Black Men to Gun Play at the hands of one another in the short run but we've lost far more by not aggressively tackling our health and communities health. I know one thing...We should just accept losing so many folks because of bad health.

Vegetarian/Metaphyscian KRS-1

KRS-1 was one of the first MC's to announce that he was a Vegetarian. Later Common, announced that he had become a vegetarian as well. I heard that NELLY and the St. Lunatics were all Vegetarians as well. Go figure. Various high profile Pop Stars like Beyonce and Alicia Keys have personal trainers and nutritionists and cite various diets highlighting their physiques, but has then translated, to the masses of Black Women and Men? But I don't think it would be unfair to say that the media has promoted vegetarians, raw foods as marginalized or as a Hippie Thang.


Just for the sake of argument Lenda Murray is the most successful Female body builder winning the Ms. Olympia, a record eight times, but has this been promoted to the Black Community, even minimally? Lee Haney surpassed Arnold as the most successful Mr. Olympia, winning the contest eight times, and now Ronnie Coleman is set to surpass even that!

Eight Time Ms. Olympia Lenda Murray

But Lenda Murray looks too buffed out Mista Jaycee?

So! The point is that she lifts weights, and that she's the most successful in her sport yet she's the least promoted. We have seen plenty of Sistas who have gotten in the gym that are not buffed out but has it translated to the masses?

Just something to think about?

Long Life without good health is a curse!

BE Prayerful! BE Mindful! BE Careful!



Demon Hunter said...

Wonderful post, Jaycee. Thanks for sharing some things I didn't know. ;-) You rock!

Um, plus I have a new review up and contest tomorrow for thriller dealing with angels. ;-)

JStar said...

Great post! I admit, I am very guilty

2cute4u said...

This is really nice!I've always had a weight problem,but then,I had to help myself. I'd work out, Now, i'm a vegetarian,great talk..


I think it's location a lot of times. I hear a lot of ads in DC promoting health in the community, whether it's through radio or print, but when I was in other places (namely the midwest) it's not as prevalent...

roni said...

This discussion leans amongst the lines of other things that have been plaguing our community for so long. Why is there a Chinese restaurant on every corner in the black neighborhoods and not a thai or sushi restaurant in more “upscale”. How come I have to travel 30 minutes to get anything fresh or organic if I want it? Why doesn’t the corner store have healthy chips too? Why is there a liquor store in my hood with bad wine selection but a “Spirits” store elsewhere?! It really does start with us, if we refuse to engage in the things that have been put in front of us, we can really make some sort of substantial change.

I do love the message of this post, we have to take care of our bodies!!!

Kit (Keep It Trill) said...

Great post!

BTW, I didn't know MacDre was dead.

Miss.Fortune said...

i agree. i feel like its something we all should take a little more serious than we do. we shy away from such matters and claim that we do not have a problem. is it because we are scared of the truth or too lazy to fix it? at the end of the day, we have one life to live so why not take the BEST care of ourselves. i loved this post.

Chrissa said...

Great blog Jay! Don't forget LL! His book Platinum Workout should be read by all of us. Gerat motivation there. Especially for the brothas.

Keep up the good work! I'm diggin' what you got to say!


Dwane T. said...

I'm late, but I enjoyed it. I also love Lenda Murray. I still have old videos from her ESPN workout show in the 90's. Lenda and Lee Haney tried to market themselves, but part of their problem was that they eclipsed Cory Everson and Arnold S. as the epitome of health. Rather than be played up, they were played down. That happened by bodybuilding supplement and magazine sponsors whose main targets are young White males. Studies in the 90's showed that sales dropped when their was a Black face on the magazine or the protein can.

That doesn't let us off the hood. As much as health is ignored in the Black community, their is hatred (hatin') for those who push health as a lifestyle and not just for being attractive. Exercise goes against the theory that "all it takes is nice hair and nails", or "nice clothes and a ride". Those things are fast food attractiveness, ie., they involve no commitment. Whether it's eating or exercise, to be successful we need to first understand and appreciate commitment. That mindset will help us in everything we do.