Tuesday, May 11, 2010

"Amira" Conversation with a Hot Body!

"Amira" Not Pictured Photo courtesy of the Web

I'll call her "Amira" and she worked in a Baskin Robbins 31 Flavors Ice Cream Shop. She was cute and had a hot body. "Amira's" 19. My Daughter's 19. She told me as we waited for the bus that she attended Community College and had been on her own since she was 16. I asked, about her parents, she told me that they had disowned her. Disown your own flesh? What the hell is that? What could a child do that would make parents wash their hands of them?

She got pregnant! She said! The baby's Father showed that he was indeed just a "Boy"! He wouldn't tell his parents that he was going to be a Father or that his Girlfriend had been kicked out and disowned. She was alone.

She miscarried the baby later. Now, at 19, she was steadily dating a dude that she's been on and off again for a while. She lived with his Family while she attended school. He lives in an apartment, an hour away, where he works. He's always been there for her! He's was the one that was there to pick up the pieces after her life fell apart. Isn't that always the case?

His Family keeps tabs on her. I asked, "How do you know he's not cheating? He's an hour away, he lives in his own place and you don't see him everyday!

She replied, "Well, if he cheats, and I find out about it then he won't have me anymore."

"How would you know?" Many a fella, Ladies, has been busted cause some other chick marked her place. Y'all know what I'm talking about! She left an earring. Maybe, there some hair or God Forbid some undies that don't belong to YOU! Sometimes, a lady will smell some one's scent or perfume.

She admitted that this was possible then stated though that he wouldn't cheat cause She was waaaaaaaaaaaaay out of his league. Now, I'll admit, she was easy on the eyes but and this is to all the Ladies who read this blog. I stated to her that "Many a Dude has cheated on Chicks that were waaaaaay out of their league."

That's some bullshit! She was living with his Family which would give HIM a good chance at knowing if SHE was cheating or just foul! She living with his Family! She didn't understand that she didn't have a commitment!

Ladies, You can only judge a Dude by his mettle!


Ladies, YOU CAN ONLY JUDGE A DUDE BY HIS METTLE! What he's been through? It's easy to clean up the pieces of someone Else's mistakes! Will he stick around when you're pregnant with his baby and support y'all?

It's easy to condemn a Dude for being an azzhole to a chick, but what will HE be when he's walked in that dudes shoes for a year? Hummm?

Sure, She's beautiful, smart, sexxxy but some Guy somewhere is sick of Halle Berry!

She didn't have any real money saved? She didn't really have a back up plan for herself. What if he got tired of her? What if his Family turned out to BE assholes? What if he cheated? Found another Girl and decided that HE wanted that Woman?

Dating a Dude, Shacking with a Dude is NOT a strong commitment!

You are not married legally! There is no such thing as a spiritual marriage! Either you is or you ain't! You and He are not obligated to each other to do anything! Promises don't matter and don't pay the rent!

You have to allow a Man to do Date/Court you Ladies! You have to BE real and let em know that you expect him to BE working towards this in the relationship. The end point should be a marriage then a Family. Anything else has a false bottom! Y'all just playing house!

But he might leave Mista Jaycee? Good! Let em go! It could be worse! He could be a poot butt and STAY!

Fellas! She could be a POOT Butt and Stay too! Get real and get yourself together so that you can get YOUR Destiny!

BE Prayerful! BE Mindful! BE Careful!



Demon Hunter said...

What I'm really wondering is why her parents threw her out? She made a mistake. And even after she loss the baby, they wouldn't help her? That's odd.

And that moving in with someone's family? Err, no.

Anonymous said...

I agree whole-heartedly