Sunday, May 2, 2010

Quick Rant!

Hey Y'all
Read this little blurb this morning on AOL highlighting some organization that wants to help Actor Steven Baldwin, who's career has nose dived lately since he began to trumpet his "Faith".

In their eyes Steven is being persecuted BECAUSE of his FAITH! This is a LIE! There are plenty of active Christians working in Hollywood! Plenty who proclaim, testify, and share their faith all the time!

Now, this is for everyone, but especially, the so called Christians! Steven Baldwin is being shunned cause he's BEEN an absolute D*CK! His statements have been divisive, they been mean spirited, and they have lack any of the Love and inclusiveness shown to us by Christ Jesus!

Steven, You got in bed with so called Christan's who sport a right wing political agenda! You knew what the cost would be!

Most of YOUR employers are Euro-American Jewish People who's work you insulted! Who's INDUSTRY you insulted! They don't have to let you make a living! They don't have to hire you! You called out Gays, Liberals, Democrats! Hell, everybody that doesn't support the so called Christian Agenda that you spout! Dude, everybody you called out stands next to you at the water cooler! Everybody you called out decides who they green light for just about anything!

You know Steven that it's about the relationships you build with these/those people!

What about Mel Gibson? Mel's a D*ick too! But Mel has been the lead in several films that have MADE MONEY! Mel has a following! YOU have not starred as the LEAD in a HIGH B Movie! You have yet to be even considered an A list Actor! Mel's has gotten work but not nearly the work he used to get! And YOU, Steven, ain't MEL!

It ain't cause of YOUR Faith! It's cause you been MEAN and an A-Hole! Maybe you should learn to BE more tolerant and more diplomatic! At least BE nice!

Your Brother wants to Kick Your Butt too! So don't act like it's just the "Liberal" Industry! You been a D*ck! Deal with it!

BE Prayerful! BE Mindful! BE Careful!

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Kit (Keep It Trill) said...

This was great! I'm still chuckling at "everybody you called out stands next to you at the water cooler!"

Well, I'm glad he outed himself as a hater. I'm sure they are too.