Friday, May 21, 2010

Take the Meatless Challenge!

Let me start by saying "I am not a vegetarian!"
I am considering, becoming a vegetarian, though and have gone meatless. It has been a month. I feel good!

It all started with Mrs. Jaycee; Her buddie called her and issued the Meatless challenge along with the fast walk challenge. She considered it and suggested we both eat meatless for five days. Just five days!

I grew up as a Meat eating Seventh Day Adventist Christian. "Going" meatless would not be hard for me but "Staying" Meatless has been the challenge!

Seventh Day Adventists have a wonderful health message that prescribes a vegetarian diet, full of veggies, fresh fruits, nuts and whole grains. We don't smoke tobacco or drink alcohol or caffeinated drinks. We promote daily exercise, in addition to prayer and meditating on positive things.

There are Seventh Day Adventists who do eat meat. While the Church prescribes and promotes a vegetarian lifestyle it does not forbid eating meat! It does, however, forbid the eating of unclean meats as detailed in the 1st Testament book of Leviticus. So, SDA Christians do eat meat, just not pork, shellfish, and scavengers as outlined in the Bible.

Now, I grew up eating BACON! PORK Bacon and sausage! I gave it up for several years but have indulged in it even though I know better! I also drink liquor, I used to smoke cigars, the occasional cigarette and beedie, and for a while, I smoked a pipe.

I have fond memories of sampling Vanilla and Black Cavendish with Cherry in my pipe! So, I am not a "Good" Seventh Day Adventist dig? And that's ok. What I am is a dude that wants to BE healthier and live a healthy life. So, back to the meatless diet.

Both Mrs. Jaycee and I noticed a difference after about five days. We both felt that we were not as "Gassy"! This is important! Mrs. Jaycee can tell you stories where I could clear a room! Yes! I am proud! Oh Yes! I am sooo proud! (Laughter)

But all farts aside, I felt sluggish in the morning! I belched alot! I felt heavy and lethargic all the time. I, not only, felt heavy... I am heavy. Now I feel energetic and the heartburn's gone away!

My Belly began to shrink! Cool! I fit my clothes better and my face did not look as puffy! But the biggest challenges have been having "Variety" when eating meatless! Rice and Pasta are cool but too many starches are not good for you! I don't like the veggies meats with the exception of Morning star farms Grillers Originals. I like the taste and the texture. So I've been cooking meals that don't use the veggie meats. It's going well but it ain't easy! I am now making a meal out of what used to be the side dish!

I am now issuing the challenge to you! Go Meatless for Five Days and see how you feel! Try it! Five Days! Try it! You may live to be 90, but if you're suffering at 90 , then it's not worth it!

BE Prayerful! BE Mindful! BE Careful!



Hadassah said...

Thats a good idea actually, Try going without Salt or Sugar that is amazing like you will lose a bit of weight.

ChocolateOrchid said...

I likey.
And many congrats on going a month without meat. Awesome!

Btw, so happy you're not clearing rooms anymore. Lol.

2cute4u said...

Lol..@ The fart story..
Nice post..
I'm in league with you and your theory..
Have a great weekend..

Kit (Keep It Trill) said...

My daughter did that earlier this month. She's 14, dropped 10 lbs, and looks stunning.

Reggie said...

I am a certified, qualified and bonified carnivore; but after reading this blog, I've decided to throw down the gauntlet.

I will NOT eat meat during the month of June. I've never even come close to not eating meat on consectutive days.......much less a week. But I'm going to make June 2010, a meatless June. I've never tried any crazy shit like this before......but I will do it.

Mista Jaycee said...

Reggie! Glad to have you with me! Mrs. Jaycee deserted me and is eating meat but she is coming back though.

Sista GP said...

Baby Steps! Baby Steps!
Hubby GP and I are on our second month of limiting "red" meats to once per month. He says he's noticed the difference in the way he feels. I feel about the same.

Maybe I'll try meat alternatives to transition "us" to a meat-less lifestyle.

Of course, I can't tell Hubby...

Anonymous said...

Ohhhhh Mista Jaycee I have tried this over and over. My challenge has always been finding recipes that are just as savory and satisfying as the ones I normally cook. And the kids get crazy picky.

I've come across a few good recipes in my quest.

There's this cookbook called Vegan Soul kitchen. Tricky part is, is that none of the recipes in here are quick. None of them! I've modified the Hoppin Jean to speed it up. But this is the same deliciousness that gave me dabilitating heart burn just a couple of weeks ago (very spicy). But it went sooooooooooooooooooo, good with the rainbow chard from my garden. I gave the boy some left over chicken to go with because he rejects it JUST because I say vegan night. Kids! There's a collard green recipe in this book that will have you straight!

Then there's this mock tuna salad I found on this vegan blog called "Yeah, that Vegan Shit."

I hardly feel any different when eating vegan. But I know that there will be differences if I can commit to it so I keep trying.