Monday, May 3, 2010

Missing Student Mitrese Richardson's Family marks her 25th Birthday!

Los Angeles, CA
Leimert Park Village

A Choice of Weapons has followed the Mitrese Richardson disappearance since it occurred. May 2nd, her Family marked her 25th Birthday Celebration in the Leimert Park Village section of Los Angeles, CA. Mitrese, a College student, disappeared after leaving the Los Angeles County Sheriff Lost Hills/Malibu division station on foot after being arrested after allegedly failing to pay her bill at a local restaurant.

Happy Birthday Mitrese! (Praying for your safe return)

Questions remain surrounding her disappearance. Mitrese Richardson was taken into custody after failing to pay a restaurant bill. Her car was impounded! Why then ,would you release her on foot at 2 AM? Is that procedure?

Why were her Parents not called? What's the procedure? Why did she not have to wait until later that morning before she was released? Is that Procedure? Did the LASD call her a cab? Is there a record that she called a cab? Is there a record that she was offered the chance to call a cab? Did the LASD offer her a ride? Is that procedure?

There are stories alleging that Mitrese was Mentally imbalanced? Again, why was she not taken to a local hospital for observation? There are reports that she was allegedly exhibiting bizarre behavior earlier at the restaurant. Why was she not taken to a hospital? Were the Officers trained to recognize the signs of Mental illness?

The GLAAD Organization states on it's blog that Mitrese was a Lesbian. Might this have played a factor in her arrest, or her disappearance?

Think about this. Pretty Black Girl gets arrested and released at two in the morning? Why? She is then allowed to walk away on foot! Lost Hills is located in a wooded area. You do the math!

1. Pretty Black Girl (See Photos not subjective)
2. Arrested and taken into custody
3. Exhibits bizarre behavior (possible drugs/alcohol/Mental illness)
4. Lesbian status
5. Released at 2 AM on foot into wooded area.
6. Gone for 8 months! No Full Investigation by Law Enforcement for over 80 days!

Would we be looking for a Young Pretty White Female Lesbian College Student who disappeared following her arrest and released on foot at 2AM into a wooded area from the Los Angeles County Sheriffs station? Hell Yeah! We would have looked and Found HER by now! The News Media would have covered this story nightly! The FBI and other Law Enforcement agencies would have gotten involved long before this! Just my opinion! I'm not pulling the RACE Card! THE LASD, THE LOCAL NEWS MEDIA, and LOCAL LAW ENFORCEMENT already played the WHOLE RACE DECK!

BE Prayerful! BE Mindful! BE Careful!


Anonymous said...

Why does anyone think she's still alive?

Mista Jaycee said...

"Faith" is the substance of things hoped for the "evidence" not seen. Hebrews 11:1

That said, why wouldn't we think she wasn't alive? Would u want your loved one missing and never get closure of knowing what happened? Why? How? When? Where? And then, what about Justice?

Mitrese deserves this! There are alot of Police Officers who go out of their way to do the right thing, follow procedures and be decent to the community at large. This is for them too! Bad or Lazy Cops taint the rest!

God Bless Mitese and her Family.
I hopes this answers your query satisfactory!

Anonymous said...

Great sadness..
May she rest in peace, and those involved in this so called "mistake" pay for this tragedy.