Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Be the Change!

I went and saw Iron Man yesterday and I liked it alot. I think about Tony Stark, he was a happy weapons maker, believed in his country, his company, he more importantly believed in his beliefs. He believed that he was essentially doing some good, he was intrinsically doing no harm, he believed that for every gun or bomb he made, the money spent on growing crops for starving masses, feeding the hungry or cleaning a diseased river balanced it all out. And even better if you can do it and make a buck right?

Well, dig, Tony Stark found out that everyone didn't share his ideals or ethics, he felt betrayed, and used and he decided to do something about it. He changed but they didn't. How many times has this occurred in your life? You hang out with someone you know from church or school or the corner and they say you've changed. They judge you and it doesn't feel good does it? You may even judge them and even though you exchange each others phone number and say we'll keep in touch, ya don't, you ain't, and you both knew it.

Weird huh, you were such good friends once, so what happened? Time and Change! They weren't there for the change that has occurred in you. We humans, are liner beings and they remember you where you left off. Take a little more time and even if they still drinking or smoking a blunt on the same corner as you left them, they not the same either. They go home, kiss their babies and get up and go to work the next morning to work a double shift. This is not the person you knew, the one you remember wouldn't be trying to hold a job, much less work a double shift and didn't I just see them hit the blunt and take that quart to the head? Yes, You did! Then they picked up their bags with the gallon of milk, pampers, eggs and bread and went home to they wife and kids. They changed too. Y'all both did.

You judged them and it was just as inaccurate and unfair as when they judged you! The Bible, in the new testament, relates an admonishment by Paul, now an apostle but formerly a murdering religious nut, himself changed through the power of the Holy Spirit and Christ Jesus one night while he was out set trippin.

He admonishes the Ephesians. You judge the unconverted because they drink, smoke, have wanton sex, lie, steal and cheat but some of you were some of those and it is only through Christ Jesus, that you've changed, not your own power. (Paraphrased)

Who are we to judge each other? Understand? No one except God knows the inner workings of you. They don't see the changes occurring in you now, it's happening gradually. So don't be too hard on them if they don't understand it. Love them anyway, be patient and continue to grow.

Be Mindful! Be Careful! Be Prayerful!



Obi Asad said...

I really like this piece, Jay. I've definitely been on both the giving and receiving end of the judgmental spectrum. It made me think of the man I was ten years ago, and the man I am today. If my former self could see me now, he'd probably fall out from disbelief. As always, keep shining.

Serious said...

Good post. Good choice of topics.