Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Knucka, Where you from? Continued

Recently, Former Congressmen, JC Watts, Oaklahoma, proposed an All Black News Channel and is seeking funding and presenting his business plan in order to make it happen. Cool idea in theory but what kind of coverage would this proposed channel have? A Black Fox News channel perhaps? Fox News has little if not any journalistic integrity. They are basically a right wing propaganda machine. Would this be the right wing's attempt at so called fair and balanced reporting in the Afrikan American community? I mean an All Black News channel is a great idea but why is JC Watts doing it? He has little connection to the Black Community, has a history of showing contempt for the Black Community in this writers opinion. And during his time in congress, he was not a member of the Congressional Black Caucus and in fact was the first ever to not join. He became chairman of the Republican party GOPAC, is an ordained Pastor in the Southern Baptist church. He played quarterback at Oklahoma University and several years in the Canadian Football League.

Watts was selected in 1997 to deliver the Republican response to President Bill Clinton's State of the Union Address.[3] During the speech, Watts chastised some black Democrats and civil rights leaders as "race-hustling poverty pimps", whose careers he said depend on keeping blacks dependent on the government.[4][1] Ibid Wiki

Again, I am not picking on dude just cause he's Republican. You can choose your membership but You should keep and maintain a connection with the Afrikan American Community, a visible one not just symbolic. In fact I would as a publicly elected official say this is even more important. If he was a member of the NAACP and he was the most conservative member, he's still a member. But that has been a vast mistake and his efforts are now suspect. But in fairness, he has appeared on Tavis Smiley and is a regular commentator for CNN. Believe it or not there are plenty of socially conservative people in the NAACP but the likes of JC Watts wouldn't know it, find common ground, JC Watts and several Black Republican so called conservatives just continue to parrot the lies that leadership is comfortable with. Hey JC! Guess what, some of the Republicans aint conservative, they racist! They just plain old died in the wool racist! and you hangin out with em. Dude, nobody would throw you out, we'd talk about your azz but we wouldn't throw you out! Nor would we throw out any reasonable person irregardless of color, creed, sexual orientation, religious ideology etc.

Dr. Alan Keyes, a seriously conservative Black Republican, has run for the presidential nomination several times past, he's made good showings in past RNC debates, he's been a very vocal and loyal member of the party however he called Hillary Clinton, a carpetbagger when she ran for the senate seat in New York then at the urging of the RNC, he ran against her in that same election even though he didn't actually live in New York State. He was just there long enough to gain residency. He's they boy!

But again, let's look at Dr. Keyes resume; Born in Long Island, New York, went to Cornell University, graduated from Harvard University with a BA degree, PHD also from Harvard, worked in the Reagan Administration, 3rd degree Knight of Columbus and a Roman Catholic. Again, no visible connection to the Black community.

Armstrong Williams, Black Conservative commentator, was the confidential assistant to Clarence Thomas, yes! Justice Thomas while he worked at the EEOC, He received a BA in English from HBCU South Carolina State University, he is a third generation Republican and an entrepreneur. He got paid to push Bush's No Child left behind non sense! Shame on him for that, and Rod Thorn, Eff you too but interesting enough he is the only one to have a visible Black connection. SCSU. That's to his credit.
Now, there are plenty of so called down brotha's selling us out every day that give to the NAACP, Pledge one of the divine nine, go to the Blackest church but openly make deals that hurt us. They go into business with companies that don't hire in the Black community, manufacturer products in the Black Community or even in some cases have any presence in the Black Community. Again you gotta check these dudes out! Just for example, Jay-Z owned Rocawear and Armadale Vodka but are there any distilleries in Brooklyn? Any Brothers working there or even learning how to manufacture vodka? Do they bottle it or drive the trucks from the factory in Brooklyn? Is there a record pressing plant in Brooklyn, Harlem, The Bronx? That's hiring Black folks?

I'll Wait!

Anyone, making the Roc's clothes in the Black community? Making them not designing them. I picked Jay-Z cause he's the biggest right now but it can be asked of alot of people. Unless, you making jobs in your community it doesn't really matter much that you sell alot of stuff in and to your community.

Check them out!
Black Folks, Come Home! Black Folks, Come Home!

Be Mindful! Be Prayerful! Be Careful!



Lynn said...

Hi! Saw your note on Ning, I hadn't checked in for a while.

I think that creating jobs is a big issue, good jobs with benefits. Interesting post, and nice to see you blogging!

jjbrock said...

Great article and 2 reason I wouldn't watch JC Watts and Juan William. I have seen enough of them on FOX to know that they don't speak to or for me.

I wonder who their target market would be?