Monday, May 19, 2008

Knucka, Where are you from?

Every election, every major event or every major police beating or talk show there's always this Black Person represented as a Black leader, or a leading or respected Black spokesperson. If you ever turn on the so called right wing pundits, there's always one but problem is none of the rest of us has ever heard of them. The problem, the so called legitimate Black establishment can't win either way cause if they point out the obvious, that no one has ever heard of these people then they give this person shine and if they don't then they are deficient in their duty.

But when in battle one must choose to fight smart but you must always fight. For example, you see The Reverend Doctor Jess Watchmebetraythem of the United Fellowship of the Allied Black Conservatives espousing on the need for prayer in schools, how Jesse Jackson is the reason for racial hatred in America and how we don't need social programs such as headstart, job training, medicare and the like. Or we see Minister Kallme Mukammed ( Mukammed means fake, or shirk it's bad...Trust), red, black and green colors proudly displayed,
shouting the call for separation or some racist vile rant! And what's the name of his organization? The International Consolidated Brotherhood Black Panther Party. His programs sounds like the old Nation of Islam's Program but ask someone and he ain't a member, never was a member or was and was expelled. Ask him what Mosque he goes to now?

Has anyone ever checked these people and their parties out? See where they came from? Pulled they ghetto pass, pulled they whole card? Well tell me how do we do that? It doesn't matter if they are liberal or conservative, they have a resume and it is your duty to read it and to check it's references. Why is this important? Because then you have a good idea if these people are legitimate, what their stands on the issues stem from, and how to query them.

Go ask Past President of the Black Panther Party for Self Defence, Elaine Brown and she's never heard of this dude, ask Dr. Angela Davis, never heard of him, Founding members Bobby Seale and David Hillard, who???? Never heard of him, and plus they will all say there is no Black Panther Party anymore.

Legitimacy, Resume, people!

You say you from the South side of Chicago huh? Well, what denomination are you credentialed through pastor? Did you go to a University? Which one? What did you major in? Did You pledge a fraternal organization? Really, Which one? Did you go to the seminary? Pastor such and such went there too, did you know each other? Pastor such and so and Brotha Hustle man do community outreach in your neighborhood but they've never seen you?
Why is that?

See what I mean?

You know, Rev. Jesse Jackson, interned under Dr. King. He pledged Omega Psi Phi, He's an ordained pastor, ran Operation Breadbasket and PUSH/Rainbow. He's a Prince Hall Mason, 32nd degree. He went to seminary at the University of Chicago. He's a life long member of the NAACP. You can check it. Like him or loathe him you know where he came from.

General Colin Powell, Army man most of his life and career, Joint chiefs of Staff, voted Barry Goldwater in 1964, worked in the second Bush administration. Registered Republican although he didn't wear his politics on his sleeve due to a racist police stop in the south. Like him or loathe him you know where he came from. He has an MBA from George Washington University, there is nothing connecting General Powell socially or politically to Afrikan American community on his resume but he is pro-choice on abortion, favors reasonable gun control and is considered a moderate Republican. He also is the first Black Secretary of State, and had some very public disagreements with the Bush Administration. He stated that when the world conference on racism occured America should have had a representative there including one at the Kyoto conference. Maybe, America didn't agree but we should have been there. Like him or Loathe him you know where he's from.

Dr. Condoleeza Rice, born Birmingham, Alabama, University of Denver, Stanford University Provost, belongs to same sorority as guess who Barbara Bush, worked for Chevron Oil, speaks Russian and Spanish, used to be a Democrat but changed affiliations in the 1980's but still worked for Sen. Gary Hart campaign. Is a Presbyterian like her Minister Father. Check her Father's views of Rev. Fred Shuttle worth and the Civil rights advocates in Birmingham where he ministered. Resume, people! Y'all catching on to what I'm groovin on?
Like her or loathe her you know where she came from.

Rev. Dr. Jerimiah Wright, Virginia Union University, United States Marine Corps, Howard University, University of Chicago and Union Theological Seminary. United Church of Christ affiliation, community organizer and retired senior pastor of Trinity United Church of Christ in Chicago. Resume People! Like him or loathe him you know where he came from.

Are you with me?

Everyone can be fooled. California State University Long Beach just bounced a teacher who lied on his resume. He embellished!

My resume, Alumnus of Oakwood College now University, Founding member of Long Beach East Arts Village Poets Society, host of Soulstice Poetry open mike, former co-host of Epiphany's Insight with Alice Nichols, Alice the Poet, Founding member of Long Beach Pan African Writers group, studying under Odie Hawkins. I studied vocal performance under Charlotte Regni. Born and Raised in Compton! I belong to Poets for Human Rights, am passionate about local arts causes, local community reflected media and arts programs in school.

So where am I from? You know it!

Any leader should be asked about their credentials, Any Black Leader should definitely be asked! What school? What Church? What Lodge? What Frat, What Sorority? What political offices or community Service?, What Education? What allies and political, religious associations? Then why do you belong? What you don't belong? Why did you leave? How long did you live in this neighborhood? State? Who else have you worked with from that neighborhood? Check how they voted, what they donated money to etc. Check them out! Demand the answers!

Or else any charlatan with a book or something to sell will jockey for space on every pundit circuit. Some of whom will sell us out!

The question must always be asked. Now maybe you don't have the illustrious credentials so what but you should honest and forthright. Maybe, you are just starting your community efforts but if that's the case then you should not be on the likes of Rush Limbaugh or Bill O' Reilly show criticizing and hawking a book!
There I said it!

Be Mindful! Be Prayerful! Be Careful!


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