Friday, May 2, 2008

How would you answer?

May 2, 2008

Hey Y'all,

First of all welcome to a choice of weapons where the pen and word are the best weapons! For all the folks who remember "Outside the Lines" The poetry and music newsletter in Long Beach, California's East Art Village, welcome back.

I hope that you enjoy my blog and please write back and let's get a dialogue going. Remember, while colorful language is tolerated and strongly worded opinions are encouraged, please respect the audience. So, Be Blessed in advance and again welcome to "A Choice of Weapons!"

Dig! Why a Choice of Weapons? Funny name for a blog not advocating gun use or armed revolt huh? Books, Music, Art, Poetry, Debate, Writing, Photography, meditation and prayer are powerful weapons and the only ones "A Choice of Weapons and Jaycee Williams endorses. So There! (smile)

I took the title from the Late Renaissance man, film director, writer, composer. pianist, singer,and photographer Gordon Parks, first autobiography, and one of my personal heroes.

I know you are wondering why is Minister Louis's photo on this page? If you were running for political office and someone questioned you what was your relationship or feelings on Minister Louis Farrakhan ? What would you say? Would you speak highly of him or would you denounce him as a raving anti Semite, a demigod or a con man? Is it fair for them to ask you that just cause you're Black?

Senator Barack Obama was asked, so was Rev. Jesse Jackson and Rev. Jeremiah Wright. Why were they asked this? And was Obama asked this question as he ran for each of the public offices he held? Obama and Rev. Wright are from Chicago right? Let me ask you. What Black person running for office in Chicago do you know can do anything long term and not deal with the Nation of Islam? The National Headquarters is there. And why is it a political career killer to point out the good things that the Nation of Islam has done all over the America especially in the cities?

The poor and disenfranchised who deal with poverty, poor education, lack of resources, job training, home ownership, lack of grocery stores, and financial institutions in the inner cities not to mention police brutality, high incarceration and drug addiction and the overabundance of cheap liquor stores, gun shops and checking cashing/payday loan operations; The list can go on but again the NOI and The Black Church has always had to deal with these ills. So why wouldn't Obama or any Black politician point out the NOI and Black Church's place on the front line in the struggle and then use this as a chance to have some talk on the issues?
Could it be cowardice perhaps?

So Jesse, denounced Minister Louis and now Barack has done the same except Barack Obama, great as he has been denounced not only his Minister, Rev. Wright, but allowed the Black Church tradition and Black Liberation Theology to be smeared. Where was his candor and his eloquence that has served him so well in the past? He let Rev. Wright appear to be a quack! He didn't speak out on the issues that the Black church feels are paramount to people's lives.

How many people still believe that America is being attacked cause they hate our freedom?

I'll wait....

Now, how many people believe that our past policies around the world have created enemies to us that now seek to harm us?

How many people believe HIV/AIDS came from Green Monkeys in Africa?

I'll wait....

How many people that know of the Tuskegee experiment believe AIDS is a biological agent created in a lab?

Both questions have been posed as theories for the Orgin of the Aids epidemic. Yet where's the science? Where are these green monkeys? What country in Africa? Are they still infected? Where is our lab that's testing this theory? I'll wait....

What about the oral polio vaccine from the 1950's and the lab in Congo? There is a documentary called the Orgin of AIDS that researches the subject. I suggest you see it. What about what the Royal Academy of Science's published papers concerning that Lab, it's studies, test methods, and the chimpanzees used in experimentation? And it's assertion that the AIDS virus began as a result of the oral polio vaccine's failure?

Still think Rev. Wright's a quack? Still think it's more conspiratorial rantings? It's funny how while we allow people's reputation to be destroyed in the press no one has investigated these beliefs and disproved them. No one accuses Rev. Wright or even Minister Louis of lying or being mistaken about these issues yet even among European Americans yet they are derided because they dared speak against the conventional group think.

Well, that's all for now. Please feel free to respond.

Be Mindful! Be Prayerful! Be Careful!



Obi Asad said...

Most prominent African Americans disassociate themselves with figures such as Louis Farrakhan because of his incendiary views on Judaism. In this day and age, if one has the slightest criticism against Israel or Zionism, one is labeled an anti-Semite and blacklisted. While I do not condone Farrakhan's views of Judaism being what he calls a "gutter religion," I am in 100% of what the NOI has done for the black community. You make a great point, Jayson, more African Americans should express this sentiment so a dialog can be started. Good blog, brother.

Serious Black said...

Good work Jay! Keep it comming.