Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Cause Cheney's a Dick!

As I listen to Former Vice President Dick Cheney give his views on Torture and continue to cheer lead for an Imperial Presidency, I think back to the horror of 1987. When Black residents in South Central Los Angeles (Watts) learned of the CIA's alleged involvement in the mass influx of crack cocaine and military style weapons that continue to kill so many.

What would I do to those I believed to be responsible for so much carnage, if I had the chance?

I would want to make them suffer! Who wouldn't? But that does not mean that I would make them suffer. If the LA Gang wars have taught us nothing it's that payback's a bitch and that payback is never enough.

But let's suppose that I did.

First, I would deprive them of sleep for hours on end placing them in a day care center with nothing but crack babies. Then I would have you try to teach a class of 8 year old crack babies.

Yeah, but the fun wouldn't be over yet.

Next, I would have you live in the Jordan Down projects, for real, under the same rules as a two time convicted parolee. Go and get a legal job! Try to go to school! What you can weld! Great! Oh------------ but we can't give you a job working on this construction site on Imperial Highway cause it's a Federal contract and well your a felon. You're a gang member!

Then I would have the D/A hit you with court fines for the legal costs of convicting you, make you register as a Drug seller in every city you rent a place with the local police. I'm sure you will be able to live in peace with every police department knowing you used to sell drugs.

And what about child support? I'm gonna hit you with back payments, fines on top of that for not paying the payments. What? You were in jail! So What!

Then....Injunction! I'm gonna put you and about two hundred members of your gang under a legal injunction that says you can't hang out together on a certain number of streets, wear gang colors and what....the street under the injunction is where you actually live? So I guess you better not hang out on the front porch then.

Have you finished teaching those crack babies to read yet. Standardized testing begins next month.

Torture! There is no proven benefit to torture! Dick Cheney says America is safe because of it!

Really? Just cause there has not been an attack does not mean we are safe.

What about our soldiers we may be tortured? What happens afterward? Who prosecutes who after everybody tortures everybody?

Why am I writing about this? Cause Cheney's a DICK!

BE Prayerful! BE Mindful! BE Careful!



Miss.Stefanie said...

"Cheney's a DICK!"

I second that!

Kayos said...


You answered you're own question.


Coogie Cruz said...


RiPPa said...

Bin Laden didn't blow up the projects!

(New Blog coming soon)

BTW:This was a damn good post!!!

Mista Jaycee said...

Never have I seen such contempt for fairness and the rule of law as with Cheney.