Monday, September 7, 2009

Happy Labor Day!

Labor Day was instituted by United States President Grover Cleveland in the aftermath of the Pullman Strike and the Haymarket Massacre. As we enjoy Labor Day take time to reflect that blood has been shed so that we can enjoy fair treatment and wages. Don't take this for granted!

Weekends and the Eight Hour work Day brought to you by Organized Labor!

Overtime and vacation benefits brought to you by Organized Labor!

Sick Time and Workers Comp! You guess it! Organized Labor!

So, as you don those Dickies and work boots tomorrow or you slip into those Dockers and that White Collared button down and lace that blue tie around your neck. Remember..Labor Day and they way we work brought to you by Organized Labor!

BE Prayerful!BE Mindful! BE Careful!


Miss.Stefanie said...

Leave it up to you to give informational background on Labor Day! Happy Labor Day Jaycee!

Keli said...

Happy labor day. We (speaking in general) always want to enjoy the fruits of others labor without giving them their due.

clnmike said...

Hope you enjoyed your holiday, now back to the grind, lol.

Demon Hunter said...

I agree, Misat Jaycee. :-)

Myne Whitman said...

Belated labor day to you too. I was away myself for a little relaxation. Good background there, thanks

Rita said...

I never knew the origin of labor day until i read this post. Wow!

Hope you enjoyed your labor day.