Friday, September 4, 2009

Los Angeles Philharmonic Orchestra and Joyce Yang

Pianist Joyce Yang
My buddy Patrick from Project Ensemble,, once again came through and blessed me with tickets to Classical Thursdays at the Hollywood Bowl. For all y'all non LA Folks, let me just let you know that Carnegie Hall in New York, The Royal Albert Hall in London, England and The Hollywood Bowl are the Holy Trinity of Performance Venues.
I love the Bowl because of the eclectic mix of people that attend the shows. It's where the ARTSY and the FARTSY meet! That's cool! It means that some kid into "Fishbone" and a really affluent couple from LA's Westside can get together and enjoy the same thing.
So last night Mrs. Jaycee and my buddy Ty (DJ Phantom) and Mrs. Ty all made the trek from the LB to Hollywood. Thank God Mrs. Jaycee drove cause if I had to drive the 101, well let's just say that the Letters F and U would have been in constant rotation! Moving right along! 8-)
We were running a lil late but it was worth it cause Mrs. Jaycee looked lovely and Mrs. Ty was well dressed as well. Hey, I looking too hard another dude's Wife! I already got enough enemies. Clowns, Smoove Jazz Lovers and makers of Tight Binding underwear!
Dig, when we arrived 23 year old pianist Joyce Yang was already playing with the Phil. The combination of Piano and Orchestra is just divine. We had tickets to sit in the bench sections which are cool if you bring your own food and wine which we did but we were escorted to section J which had a better view of the stage. Now, there are no bad seats in the bowl!
But Mrs. Ty brought out some chicken tenders and Mrs. Jaycee opened a Muscat Cannelli and doled out a Spinach Farfelle with Chicken and a Cesar Salad. And to give props were they are due, Mrs. Jaycee stopped at Torotelli Limonelli and got some great bread. (I'll be reviewing this restaurant later)
For the record, Mrs. Jaycee was Super GRUMPY after working all day and we didn't talk much to each other during the night. I have a bad cold and wasn't feeling all that good but excuses, excuses.
MRS. JAYCEE LOOKED GOOD! Real GOOD! Just saying it now cause I don't want her to write TECH SUPPORT ON MY AZZ!
Anyway, with good food, good wine, good company and good music make for a spectacular evening!
BE Prayerful! BE Careful! BE Mindful!


Revvy Rev said...

Now that is what I call good taste! Too bad you don't extend that gift to the appreciation of basketball teams. I guess the Celtics would be "fartsy" and the Lakers "artsy"?

No, man my activism has kept me on lockdown except I break out on Fridays. Other than that I am researching policy and sitting up in meetings all week or writing articles. Whew! I love hearing from you bro.

Mista Jaycee said...

Naw,the most Hated Celtics would be the Artsy for the East Coast!

clnmike said...

That is a good night.