Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Are You Kidding Me?

In the last two days I've read blurbs on Jay Z and the Occult. Over the past two years, I've read blurbs on Kanye and Jay Z being Freemasons, members of the Illuminati and so on. I've even read one post on Face book about backward masking. (Subliminal Messages)

1. You listen to a record for what it says forward not what it says backwards.

2. There is no need to worry about what is being projected into your subconscious mind if you are not concerned with what is being projected into your conscious mind.

3. Rebel images sell records!

Shawn Carter is 42! He's a senior citizen as far as the Rap Game is concerned. He wants and needs to sell records and anything that keeps the public talking about him is a good thing. All Publicity is good Publicity.

So what if he is a Freemason! It wouldn't matter if he was a member of Omega Psi Phi or the Elks. All are Private Fraternal organizations! All use Rituals! All rituals are closed to the public.

Is Jay-Z Satanic or using occult powers to advance his career? Don't know! Don't care!

Reality Check!

Jay-Z once called himself JAY HOVA! If that don't give you pause, then what are you waiting on.

He has been referred to as the GOD Emcee! So has Rakim Allah and Several others! Still ain't pausing yet!

He once wrote a lyric that stated I got 99 problems but a Bitch ain't one!

What the hell are you scared of? This is the dude that wrote the classic Jigga My Nigga! If that didn't make you throw his records away what the hell you scared of now?

He called himself Jay Hova! Like Jehovah! And you worrying if he's Satanic or not? !!!

Are you kidding me?

But Mista Jaycee he has influence over our kids? So! So does Ted Turner! So does Nickelodeon, so does Soljjah Boy, So does Beyonce, Oprah, Alicia Keys! But how much influence do you have?

Do your kids emulate you? Do you give them anything worthy of respect and emulation?

Why should they respect the Pastor? The Deacon? What's he done except tell them what they need to be doing or Stop doing? What's he done to influence they life except tell you that they are doing something wrong and YOU need to stop them?

Use your common sense! Jay-Z is a marketer, a salesman! He wants to make money! He's been quite successful at it too!

Again, I won't spend time defending Freemasonry. They don't need me to do that! Their works in the community speaks for itself. I have several friends in the lodges and they heads ain't spinning 360. But just for example some of your cousins and uncles and Parents are members. Are they Satanic? Are they receiving so many privileges? Is they life easier cause they are an Elk, Kappa, Que, or Mason? How bout Delta, AKA, Zeta or Eastern Star? Lives going any better? Lives any worse?

No, your dues paying Uncle ain't doing no better than you and he's a mason. Use good Sense!

Jay-Z album can tank just like everyone Else's and eventually it will.

Spend time on subjects more worthy of your time and intellect!

BE Prayerful! BE Mindful! BE Careful!


GREGoRY said...

That was a very good read my brother, keep up this good "THOUGHT" provoking work.


Anna Renee said...

He's kinda old! I didn't realize that. Hmmmm. JahHova, and whatever else, it's kinda silly how these guys feel the need to market themselves. It's as though they don't believe that their work can stand on its own without all the extras. Just rap until it's over, then retire, and let the next person step to the mike! Sheesh!

JStar said...

Well put here...I love some Jay, always have...Still got my "Streets is Watchin" lol...They need to stop hatin and start appreciating...

Anonymous said...

I like the way you think!
Kids will copy their parents, the good and especially the bad!


Anonymous said...

Thank you Mista Jaycee.

Anonymous said...

Good post. Parents need to teach and be in contact with their children. Raise a child in the path he should go and he will return when the other path gets rough!

Betty said...

Well said. Parents have to listen to their children ; support them as well.
I loved your thought -provoking post!

Ebony Haywood said...

Well said! :)

Skezerrrr said...

you are so right about this! great post.

Anonymous said...

Interesting blog! The JayZ/freemason connection is more concerned with who is behind the music industry/cooperations etc. It is not an attack against Freemasons or other fraternity orders. It is however trying to expose hidden connections. If you have not already, please check out Peace

Kim said...

Blah!! JayZ and Beyonce are overplayed, overrated and oversold.I'm just so over it.

FreeMan said...

Does anyone even care what the hell a Freemason is or does. Isn't Puffy supposed to be one also along with a lot of other rap cats. All of a sudden a secret society decided to infiltrate rap music? Out of all things to brainwash Blacks they came to get a rapper that has had his day and nominate him the leader of the older Blacks who won't believe a word he says anyway.

Yeah it sounds crazy and I sound crazy trying to figure it out.

Mista Jaycee said...

Hey Free Man,
Shaq, Penny Hardaway, Jesse Jackson and Obama are all Masons! So what! It's a great organization that I considered and still consider joining. But it takes alot of commitment. I am not ready to make that kind of commitment yet but I know some great people. None are spooky! None are doing better cause they masons than me who isn't.

Angel said...

Made it here and glad I did,

Jay Z is a rapper who wants to sell records and as long as we all remember that we dont need to really listen to all the stories. What a great post!