Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Mista Jaycee Welcomes the New Readers

I would like to take a lil time to welcome all the new readers to A Choice of Weapons and acknowledge all the new followers who have joined the fun. First, welcome and in the name of the God, I AM THAT I AM, BE Blessed in advance.

A Choice of Weapons is the name of Writer/Photographer/Musician/Filmmaker Gordon Parks Sr. first autobiography. He is one of my personal inspirations and the blog is named in honor of him.

My Weapons of Choice are Prayer, Meditation, Yoga, Comedy, Photography, Poetry, Music, Writing and I hope that this blog will help to usher in positive change. What weapons will you choose?

So, let me take time to shout out all my long time supporters like Fungke Blak Chick, Rippa, Daisy Deadhead, Curvacous in the City , Ann Brock, Chocolate Orchid and Ugly Black John. If I didn't mention you, trust, you will be mentioned soon.

And to the newest Followers. Ebony Haywood, Ultfan67, Greg Skiffer, Larae Givens, Hot Ass Music, Anna Renee, Betty Manousos, Jenny DB, The Virgin Queen, Zodiac, JStar, Snkrhead5, Secretia, Angel, Jesse Mendez, Skeezerrr, Nia Imani, Da Kween, Fibi Love, Cliff and my Man from my Hometown Compton, CA Think Go Hard. (Hub City Love)

Welcome to A Choice of Weapons. Take some time and read the older posts, leave comments, and most of all enjoy yourself.

BE Prayerful! BE Mindful! BE Careful!


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