Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Gil,Your Team used to BE named the Bullets! The Death Of The Thug Fantasy!

Washington Wizards Player Gilbert Arenas

NBA All Star Gilbert Arenas, Agent Zero, has been suspended indefinitely without pay for bringing weapons to an NBA Facility. That's right, Agent Zero, is bout to get Nothing! NOTHING!

One more time!


Years ago, back in the dark ages of the 1990's, Chicago Bulls Forward Scottie Pippen, was arrested for having a loaded 380. on his car seat as he drove to an ATM machine at two in the morning. Hey, it was an ATM in Chi-town at two in the Morning! Tall Black Dude with a Fancy Car. Yeah, I would have had the pistol too!

Explainable! Understandable!

The Baltimore/Washington Wizards original Name and Logo

But what I believe has occurred is not limited to Gilbert Arenas or NFL player Plaxico Burgess alone! No, this appears to be another case of young dudes living out his THUG Fantasy! Remember Adam "Pac Man" Jones? "He made it rain in that strip club!"
Just like the song! Threw out all that money for the dancers and every thief jumped to steal it! When it resulted in a shootout, he got arrested, suspended from the NFL and still has not regained any professional or financial upward mobility since.
Thug Fantasy: While a Thug Fantasy closely resembles a Nigga Moment, it is its own unique parameters. A Nigga Moment can be defined as a singular or series of incidents caused by overinflated Egos, Machismo and utter Stupidity! In other words, "you was looking at me wrong so I had to kill you! "
However, the Thug Fantasy is stems from some ignorant asses need to prove himself! A Social Impotence if you will.
News Flash!
Gilbert, Plaxico, and assorted Dumb Asses! Y'all are NOT THUGS! You can not purchase street cred! If you were a Thug or a Gangsta you would BE doing that! Not playing football or some other sport! You have to EARN REAL Street cred! You have to earn it!
Sankiya Shakur AKA Monsta Kody quoted one of his mentors, T-Ball, in his autobiography "Monster".
T-Ball stated " Gangbanging (Gangsterism) ain't no part time thang! It's a career!"
A Career which means Thugs and Gangstas been preparing for it they whole life! Some since grade school! They've gone to the Juvenile Halls, the Youth Authority, The Prisons! They've done all the dirt and had it all done to them!
Now, here come yo ball playin ass trying to buy Gangsta! See, they were breakin in houses! You were running wind sprints! Gangstas were solely selling crack! You were shooting a jump shot!
You both ran the same distance in 4.4 but you did it without having a bullet chasing you!
They Gangsta! You.....An Athlete! Do you deserve to BE one! Maybe not! But you are! You've made tons of money, and now, you want to throw, it all away to impress who? Some dude whose every waking moment is a "Nigga Moment"?
Gilbert, there i a reason Washington changed it's name from the BULLETS to the WIZARDS!
Too Many dreams turned into nightmares! The streets of Baltimore and Washington D.C. still cry out for relief and you do something as dumb as brandishing a Gun.
All Y'all Gangsta/Thug wannabe fools had better take note of Gilbert and Plaxico! Your Thug Fantasy can go real wrong, real quick and you may find yourself living out your THUG Fantasy for REAL?
BE Prayerful! BE Mindful! BE Careful!


Anonymous said...

hey hey
yea i read some stuff about this and they were talking about it during the game i watched this weekend. i have next no sympathy for rich people. haha
there should be an entrance interview into the life for young folks.

Anonymous said...

*Applaud* I never understood why athletes, those who have the money that some people choose to sell drugs for to have...hmph.

Reed said...

His "thug" (meaning Gil's) went out the window the moment I heard he also took a dump in a teammates shoe.

Yeah, that's not gangsta.

Angel said...

Wow, never heard of the guy but im with Must Love Movies, they need an entrance interview for the young and newly rich!

Demon Hunter said...

To quote Dave Chapelle, "When Keeping It Real, Goes Wrong." Bwwwaaahhhhaaa! Good point, Jaycee. ;-)

SNEAkUHbUTT. said...

This has nothing to do with your post. I just dropped by to tell you that the comment you left on my page just made my day. Thank you for making me LOL. =]