Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Missing in Action!

Where the heck is Melyssa Genache from Get Yo Shyt? She hasn't posted since September 25! Unacceptable! Now everybody go over there! Use my link Hey Mel! and Go over there! Make sure she's ok and feed her and send her back to her blog! That is unless you would like me to go undercover.

Speaking of undercover. Serious Black of the League of Evil Monkeys hasn't posted since he survived the coup. That was October 2nd! Maybe y'all should send him pics of man boobs! Just a thought. He loves Man Boobage! Raw Tattige! Especially if they rival his own!

Last but not least at least for now. UMustLoveBooks hasn't posted either in a while. Bookworm Girl be forewarned that by not posting interesting stuff regularly you leave me alone with my thoughts! I don't wanna be in my head alone. Especially at night, there might be a clown hiding behind my Medulla. Get to work!

Now as always The Luscious Librarian doesn't post nearly enough!



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Anonymous said...

I hear ya'!

Unfortunately, I myself, go through dry spells on my blog...