Monday, October 6, 2008

Who is H*ll is Bill Ayers?

Recently I heard some noise about some sixties era radical who is somehow associated with Democratic Nominee United States Senator Barack Bam Bam Obama. What's the name of this radical group? The Weathermen and the Weathermen Underground.
Can anyone name me any Young Lords, Brown Berets, Pachucos? Any El Rukns? If you can good for ya. If you can't then your not alone. Who the hell is Bill Ayers? What does his sixties era political philosophy have to do with anything today?
He's was a communist Mista Jaycee!
So!.....It wasn't illegal to be a Communist! Just unpopular. His group tried to blow up buildings and made a declaration of war against the country!
Really? Why? It's obvious they didn't win.
They killed an injured two innocent police officers!
Funny, I didn't read that they had been convicted of that, just accused!
The FBI Co-intelpro program used local and state police agencies to infiltrate, spy on, frame and murder members of the Black Panther party, the Students for a Democratic Society, The Student Non Violent Action Community, Congress of Racial Equality and several others.
Did they have warrants to do that? I don't think so. They violated Americans civil rights repeatedly. The right to assemble, the rights of free speech, unlawful search and seizure, the list goes on and on.
To my knowledge no one has from the Chicago Police Department has ever stood trail for the murder of Black Panther Party Chairman Fred Hampton and Mark Clark.
They were shot while they slept. An FBI plant admitted in a 1976 grand jury that he drugged their punch before he left the apartment. Who gonna take the weight for that?
Why am I bringing up the past? Because it just that the past. Has Bill Ayers continued with his past method of political protest? Has he recently encouraged anyone else to take up his mantle? No, to my knowledge he's a college professor now. He lives in America not Russia or any other communist or socialist country. He's been working as a part of the system for over twenty years now. He's a aging hippie! A Senior Citizen now.
The only thing that should matter about Bill Ayers association with Barack Obama is what is his purpose now. Lots of people have done things in the past that they would do another way if they had the chance, some have gone to prison, turned over new leaves and have contributed greatly to society. Imam Malik El Shabazz was one such person. (Min. Malcolm X)
Some have never changed they just got older. Byron Dela Beckwith is one person I believe fits that description. In 1963 it is believed that he shot Medger Evers in the back. While he was tried twice in the state of Mississippi it took another thirty some odd years before he served any type of time for the crime after yet another trail, this time in federal court. In his thirty some odd years he bragged, took credit for the murder, had his account published in a popular white supremicist book, spoke at White Supremicist rallies where he was honored. He didn't change. He enjoyed thirty some odd years of life. He was an old man by the time he was imprisoned and no one testified that he had changed at all. I will now quote Beckwith " I told y'all that I didn't kill that Nigger! oops I promised my wife I wouldn't use that word anymore."
United States Representative Bobby Rush, Democrat once served as the chairman of the Black Panther Party chapter in Illinois. He is a long serving congressman now. Black Panther Co-Founder Bobby Seale has also served in the legistratior. Tom Hayden has served several terms in the California Senate since his firebrand days in the SDS. People change! While it's fair to mention someone's past or record it isn't fair to present that as the only thing that should be counted unless that's all there is. Dig?
So what if I bring up Lt. Col. Oliver North. He was convicted for selling arms to Iran to fund an illegal war on against the Sandinista. Remember the Contras? He's not haunted or prosecuted by his past or illegal, immoral deeds. He ran for the Senate a few years ago, and is a right wing radio show host now. He was pardoned by then President Reagan.
Now, did I miss something? He and others faced with a duly elected United States Congress who would not declare and fund an illegal war, went somehow obtained financing by selling weapons to our enemy, then proceed to provide weapons, money, logistics and training to conduct an illegal war on another sovereign soil? Did I miss anything? Oh, yeah, the possibility that they sold crack cocaine in the inner cities of America, most prominently South Los Angeles. So Lt. Col. Oliver North is walking around, no one except me, feels that this is wrong that he can run for office and participate in the American Political system. He's not considered a traitor! A thief! A genocidal maniac who should face a firing squad!
No Ollie and his pals are free! But now you wanna point the finger at Bill Ayers for what happened over thirty years ago. Hypocrites! Have we descended so far that we actually judge a senior citizen not on who they are today but if they smoked a joint or if they were angry when they were a young kid? Did Bill Ayers commit a crime that you can prosecute him for? Was he taken to court, found guilty and is did he serve time. After that was all over did he return to his previous life or did he do something different? I wanna know!
Someone in the GOP actually brought this up? With all the scoundrels that are in the GOP right now they bring up Ayers? With all the questionable judgements and possibly illegal actions that hopefully will be prosecuted for or at least thrown out of office, they bring up some old dude from the Sixties. When they let Sen. Strom Thurman and Sen. Jesse Helms basically die in office despite their racist pasts and in the case of Helms possibly present. Are you kidding me?
You dare bring up Pastor Jeremiah Wright, a proud US Marine and aid to President Johnson and Bill Ayers, currently a college professor, formerly a sixties era radical, when your own Vice Presidential candidate, Sarah Palin has allegedly shirked off a legal summons, has been accused of trying to have a librarian fired for refusing to assist her efforts to ban books, Troopergate, in which she fired a high level police administrator without citing cause but allegedly for refusing to fire your Brother in Law during a bitter divorce battle. What about the fact that she belongs to a secessionist party in Alaska? Not to mention her views on sex education, her underage daughters recent pregnancy. What kinda of hypocritical gall is this?
This country is in trouble! John Mccain is not a Maverick! A maverick is an unbranded animal, that goes against the flow. Mccain, the branded Republican, did not go against the flow. Most Republicans voted against the Federal King Holiday, he voted that way too. When Sen. Jesse Helms, a racist in this writers opinion, threatened President Bill Clinton, Mccain didn't say anything publicly. He didn't say Hey! That's the commander and chief! Give him his proper respect! You're out of line!
When the current Iraq war began, he didn't demand better intelligence, he didn't propose a draft, he didn't protest against mercenaries! He didn't!
When the Patriot act was enacted and it basically voided peoples constitutional rights he didn't become the populist, libertarian fighting for the peoples rights. He didn't! One of his campaign advisers Phil Gramm has had a heavy hand in most of the de-regulation schemes of the last thirty years including this mornings recent stock market meltdown yet even broke, homeless Americans will not speak on Phil Gramm and his his philosophy. Why?
I'm done tolerating nonsense! Barack Obama got in one of the best law schools in the country, he's a married church man with two beautiful daughters, he worked in his community and he been more than classy while they call him a terrorist!, a radical, a Muslim. His wife, a baby Mama, he's still trying to be of service to the country! Shame on y'all but hey that's politricks! Oops! I mean politics right Mista Jaycee? It ain't personal! Right?
To quote John Old Kane Mccain in one of saner moments. " Somethings ain't politics, their personal.
BE Mindful! BE Prayerful! BE Careful!

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