Thursday, October 16, 2008

Pontius Mccain Your hands are not clean!

Well I watched the final televised debate between Presidential candidates Barack Obama and John Mccain. I must say that I'm glad that ish is over dig?

Barack in my opinion should be tearing Mccain and Palin a new one. Mccain accuses Barack of running a negative campaign while Palin accuses him of hanging out with so called terrorists! While Palin implies "He's not one of us!" While Republican crowds shout Kill him! While his name Obama is superimposed with Osama our most hated enemy. Barack is a gentlemen!

Mccain feels that because he corrects a few people of misconceptions or better outright lies and slander against Barack that he is not guilty of racist wrongdoing. Bull ish!

You didn't censor your vice presidential nominee when she riled the crowd up in Carson, California.

Just so you know your hands are not clean! Pontius!

BE Mindful! BE Prayerful! BE Careful!



Melody.Darlene said...

Barack IS a gentleman!!!

he's too good to slander ppl... i know its not a good look to fight dirty, but sometimes i just wish he came back at the same with some low blows too!

Mista Jaycee said...

Well, it means that we have to write, publish, photograph, sing, play, pray, meditate, teach, preach, proclaim, shout, exercise our economic, spiritual and intelectual power to the max including speaking in tones that Obama might not. Dig?

Kit (Keep It Trill) said...

Hey Jaycee, his hands are so not clean. While Barack sat on a community service board, McCain sat on a board in the 80s that had members with a mission to prove blacks were inferior. Well, unless they steal this election, I'm pretty sure McCain is history anyway.

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What About Jamal The Plumber?

Funms said...

loved the debate!! hopefully the unconvinced americans can now see y Obama's d best choice........ McCain was yarning a huge load of crap and it seemed he wanted Obama to apologise for some things....... lol..... thanks for stopping by my blog

Mama Zen said...

The tone of some of the Palin rallies that I've seen televised has been really disturbing. Dirty politics is one thing, but this is something different!

Sista GP said...

I finally watched the debate on Friday. I had a hard time looking at McCain; the constant blinking was creepy.

Raven said...

I admire the fact the Senator Obama allowed those two clowns row the idiot boat alone. He said he would not run a dirty campaign and he stuck to his word...I'm sure it was hard, but then again...he could have come with facts and that wouldn't have been dirty...just the truth, right?