Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Lakers Game 3!

I was a bit surprised that the Los Angeles Lakers lost game 3 in such a fashion. Kobe, you can't do everything! You've done a great job being a leader the past two seasons but you can't do everything.

And as far as the rest of the Lake Show.....Kobe can't do everything! You have to step up! If Kobe Thinks that he can do everything, tell him, Mista Jaycee says No! You Can't and we have to step up!

BE Mindful! BE Prayerful! BE Careful!


Miss.Stefanie said...

It was home turf...Lakers seemed a lil scared. They will be back next game-I promise

Anonymous said...

I just can't get into the basketball..maybe when I move to Cali I'll become this huge Lakers fan and I can enjoy your joy!


MoMo said...

Yea Kobe can't do everything. I hope they lose again.

Go Magic go!!!!!!