Monday, June 22, 2009

Raise Your hand if you have a SEX TAPE!

Mrs. Jaycee and I were watching the so called News, the other night when the local Anchorman ran the tease.....Is the recession over? What does it mean to you? Dodgers and Angels Battle and Guess who has a Sex Tape? Which quickly prompted a conversation about the so called moral climate we are currently in. But me, being, well, ME! YOU KNOW...........I COULD NOT! I repeat NOT talk about a line like GUESS WHO HAS A SEX TAPE and not just start cracking up! I can just imagine the conversations that such a line who instigate. Here's some of the ones I came up with. Feel free to comment and add your own.

1. " She's a really nice Girl. I told her all about you and she really wants to meet you."

"Oh Yeah, what she look like? "

"Hurump! She's Cute!"

"What you mean CUTE? "

"She's probably a Dawg! She probably a chicken head girl, so flat the state of TEXAS

say DAMN! Girl you FLAT! "

"Sigh! No! She's Cute and she has a really nice body." (No HOMO)

"Yeah? Show me her SEX TAPE! "

More after the Jump!
2. "Girl! I swear I was gonna Kill that Muther*** in Here!"

"What'd he do this time? "

"Caught the SOB looking at this other Bitch SEX TAPE!"

"Girl! Did you throw the Computer out? I would have blinded a Muther*** if I found out


3. "Oh, I can see by your resume that you graduated Summa Cum Laude from Julliard

played Desdemona with the Royal Shakespearean Company and were Jesse Norman's

understudy in Samson and Delilah. Impressive! Lemme See ya SEX TAPE !"

4. "Vocal talent, I understand, but I don't think it's right to audition Girls by watching their


"Look Girl! This is the New Millennium, The Good Rev. Dr. Cheba's had his All Girl Gospel

Choir Singing and Clapping in 6/8 time!"

"So! Lots of Choirs can do that!"

"Yeah, can they do it while making the cheeks clap like Buffy the Body and bangin on

a tambourine?

" You're Kidding!"
"Am NOT! GOD Is my Witness! What? They don't strip no more and they were wearing


Can you just imagine how far this is gonna go? Ray J (No Real Vocal Talent) Kim Kardashian! (What the Hell is she famous for?) Cassie! Rhianna! Pamela Anderson and Tommy Lee!

I can only imagine how bad it's gonna get. I can imagine alot! ALOT! So, now I end this post by asking Y'all, Raise your hands if you've got a SEX TAPE!

BE Mindful! BE Prayerful! BE Careful!


RiPPa said...

I need to get busy and get me a sex tape so I can get famous.

phallatio said...

Yes, I have several sex tapes and still images, with and without a partner. I am only interested in DIY and squirting porn. I am so over mainstream studio porn! Who the hell wants to watch some silicon-filled girl faking an orgasm? So boring!

rio tapatio said...

No sex tape here, but this was a good post. The 'pseudo' conversations had me laughing. It is quite the craze isn't it?!?! :)

chayoma said...

*hands down oh*
i should probably release nude pictures of myself....what do you think?
or a sex tape with a well endowed dangle dangle.


I have pictures....not a tape... I might run for a gov'ment office one day...I can dispute the know, claim photo-shop pros put my head on a body... can't dispute xtube though (yet)

Mista Jaycee said...

Don't release a tape or pics! Destroy all pics and negatives. You know what you look like nekked and only the truly special should know what you look like and what's behind the curtain. Dig?

Anonymous said...

ohhh crap I would stop by with a question like this. I don't have a sex tape out. It was never saved to a "tape" from the camera LOL

NightFall914 said...

iSUPPORT sex tapes.

Planned on blogging on this topic tomorrow for Humpday.

You've been tagged with an Award. :)

Keli said...

*raises hand*


LOL @ the fact you added more pics

Kisura Usiku said...

No sex tape here...but dang...I may need to get with the program...afterall it does sale....LOL!!!!

Mista Jaycee said...

Hey DC,
LOL! Mrs. Jaycee pointed out that I had no Sistas in the photos. She wanted to see more diversity but when I did it she was like Damn! I didn't mean that much diversity! LOL

ChocolateOrchid said...

*still laughin' at this post*
No, I have no sex tape or pics. I have been asked a few times to do so but I always refused. My thoughts always came down to "I don't want you "leaking" pics of my nekkid behind doin' the nasty to get out." That's private material.

Now, if the economy does not improve in enough time......