Thursday, November 19, 2009

9-11 Suspect Trail in New York! Bout Time!

Attorney General Eric Holder and President Barack Obama have decided to try several high profile terror suspects in New York City. There has been much discussion and debate whether this is the right thing to do. Back in 1993, when then, President Bill Clinton, decided to try the first World Trade Center Bombing suspects under American Jurisprudence some in the legal community held that this was wrong.

But let's be real about "this" trail and in possible aftermath. Obama and his administrators have to do something! They have to! They have to do it for the sake of the Country!

Fact! John Yoo, John Ashcroft, Don Rumsfeld, Dick Cheney and George W. Bush Pissed in the Kool Aid!

You arrested enemy combatants and terror suspects! Fine! Nothing wrong with that as long as you followed the rules of the Geneva Convention. It was the guide!

They didn't do that! They played hard and loose with the Geneva Conventions! They played fast with the definition of Torture! They played fast and loose with the term enemy combatant!

They did that not the terror Suspects! So you captured them, threw them in a prison someplace...... see every one captured and questioned may not have been in Gitmo!

They had no access to a Lawyer of any kind!

This goes against the heart of our American System. Arrest, adversarial trail before an impartial jury, right to confront the accusers, right to know the charges levied against them! Hallmarks!

Bush and Co pissed in the Kool aid! So now we got Khalid Shaykh Muhammed! Possibly a very scary dude coming up for trail for the Mass Murder of 3000 United States Citizens on American Soil. And you may have tortured him! His confessions may have been obtained under torture!

Any Law school dummy knows that this would get any suspect free in this country!

The whole world is watching this and you piss in the Kool Aid!

So now what do we do? Obama did the only thing he could do! The only real option you left him! Try them in an American Court and try to convict in spite of all the mess you made!

Bush and Co made this mess! Obama is just having to clean up one more mess that never should have been made in the first place. The Geneva Conventions were written and signed after blood had been spilled! They guided us! We didn't play with them! The Bill of Rights has guided us! We didn't play with them! The Constitution, however flawed, guided us!

Here's to what they should have gotten in the first place. The Real hallmark of Democracy! The right to be heard in court!

BE Careful! BE Mindful! BE Prayerful!



SincerelyGo said...

Yeah what took so long..I wouldnt be surprised if they came with a bomp stuck up their asses...

Wow..they are like real like monsters! I hope once they are convicted they are put to death..I'd never wish that on someone but seriously can one get any more evil?



Mista Jaycee said...

Yeah Go unfortunately we can get more evil than that! Dickie Cheney and Donnie Rumsfeld, Karl the snarl Rove, John "Boo" Yoo all very scary dudes who've done some evil things! Evil Things!

They did more to crush democracy than Sam Ben Laden ever could have dreamed!


Sista GP said...

This would be a trial that I would really want to watch on Court TV. Didn't really follow OJ trial