Saturday, November 7, 2009

Update! Melody Ross Murder Arrests Made!

Long Beach City 1st District Council Member Robert Garcia announced that there have been two arrests made in the murder of Wilson Student/Athlete Melody Ross.

Cool! This is progress and I commend the councilman for being forward thinking and having a website, email and all these new fangled techie things to get the word out and communicate with the people.

Since Melody's Murder, we the people have had to endure two other murder stories. The mass shootings in Orlando and at Fort Hood!

A Choice of Weapons, Mista Jaycee, and members of our community would extend our condolences to the families in all these recent tragedies. We grieve and fight alongside you to prevent these tragedies from happening whenever possible.

May the Peace of the Lord be upon the families and Justice reign.

BE Prayerful!BE Mindful!BE Careful!

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SincerelyGo said...

What story is this from? Ugh...I'll google it!