Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Rage Needed Now! The Murder of Melody Ross!

Saturday Evening, October 31st, a Honor student/athlete was murdered following the Long Beach Wilson/Long Beach Poly High School Homecoming Football game. Her name was Melody Ross and she was struck by a bullet on 7th/Ximeno near 10th Street. Feel free to go to the Long Beach Press Telegram's website where you can read all the known details.

No, this post is about the Gift of Rage! Yes! Rage is a Gift! We need it NOW!

We don't need another article stating the obvious.

"Oh, what a senseless murder! Those butchers! They didn't deserve to die.....

insert sobs!"

No one deserves to die! All murders believe it or not are senseless! So let us stop stating the obvious and get to the point!

Melody Ross, (Peace of the Lord upon her) is NOT the first young person to be murdered this year and she won't be the last! There that's the problem! She ain't the first, and she won't be ,the Last. But what have we done since the last senseless murder? What are we going to do now that this one has occurred?

Anyone remember Breon Taylor and Dennis Moses? Both were murdered when a gunman fired into a crowded party at a Masonic Hall in Lakewood, California last January 19, 2008. Is it mere coincidence that all three died by stray shots fired indiscriminately?

We Should be Enraged? Rage is good and necessary so we don't get used to things like this. We should never allow ourselves to get used to it! BE Angry then Do something to change it!

See last time I wrote a few posts just like I'm doing on this one but to what end? A couple of days of documented sadness and grief! No what we need is RAGE! We need to become so ENRAGED at the slaughter of our Young People that we ATTACK the PROBLEM!

Here's what we can do. Contact Mayor Bob Foster, the Long Beach City Council, The Press Telegram, The District Weekly, The Long Beach Times, The Los Angeles Sentinel, Long Beach Police Chief Billy Chief Billy Quach , UNITY 1 and any other anti gang and anti violence groups that you can think of. Write them, fax them, light em up with tweets, Face Book, My space, Hit the radio stations. Hit up Dominique Diprima at KJLH from the Front page.

But that's just the first thing. Then we need to fill the PTA/Parents association meetings to the Brim!

Here's something that never gets suggested first! Call the local chapter of the National Rifle Association and get them involved. Ain't they the ones always hollering about Gun rights. Well, you want to own guns then you can be responsible for em too. They should be the first to lead the fight against the use of undocumented or unsecured hand weapons. Get they Azzes on the phone!

Don't Just Howl! Get Enraged Then Get Engaged!

BE Prayerful! BE Mindful! BE Careful!



Miss.Fortune said...

this is sad. it scared me a little because i use to live in long beach not far from the streets you named. i loved your message

Mista Jaycee said...

Hi Miss Fortune,
U live in the LB? Cool!!!!!!!
Now let it spur us to action. Call Robert Garcia, 1st district councilman and ask him what's the plan so that we can deter, prevent and avoid this.

Go Long Beach! (Downtown East Arts Village)

clnmike said...

May the young lady rest in peace. Good post, it is no longer just the young, it is the young and our brightest that are being robbed from us.

Miss.Stefanie said...

This was o sad when I heard about it...bless her and her family. Great piece Jaycee!

...mmm... said...

How very very sad. I am so sorry for her family.

Anonymous said...

This society is so desensitized to such tragedies and those in the community may feel a sense of hopelessness. Kind of like the "it's happened again and nothing has been done before so what is there to do now" mindset without really knowing where to turn for real results.I like how your blog not only just talked about the problem but offered some helpful solutions.
~Sincere condolances to her family~

Anonymous said...

I go to Poly High School and live on ximeno a few blocks from wilson. I walk home through wilson every day. Through this horrible tragedy that hit so close to home and brought out such strong reactions from those who knew Melody, I was able to realize the reality of violence we face. You hear about shootings all the time whether it be on the news or a movie or show. But somehow, for me at least, it just didn't seem real. It wasn't until Melody got shot that it really sunk in. It shouldn't be this way. It shouldn't take the death of a fellow student to make us realize the severity of this issue. I know now but I hope that others can realize this issue without having to experience it first hand.

Anonymous said...

i'm just hearing about this story. yesterday i was reading about the spelman victim's parents wanting to sue spelman. saying they need better security. all the problems of the u.s. will soon be in my face again.

SincerelyGo said...

Ohhhh...okay dis-regard my last comment. How sad!