Sunday, December 6, 2009

Eric Benet Revisited or Why the Hell is Tiger Woods a Cheating Hosebag!

The So called News still has not moved on from Tiger Woods and his infidelity! So I think I'll take the time to ask those in the struggle a question no one has asked yet.

Why You cheat Tiger?

No, not that question!

Tiger, surely you knew that you would be surrounded by rooms full of nubile nymphs everyday Why did you get married?

Nubile Nymphs, Mista Jaycee?

Yeah, that's a good description for the Ladies. Several Women of late have claimed that "they" have been with Tiger!

"Why"???? Why would anyone, single or not, admit to having been in an extra-martial affair?

For 15 Minutes of Fame?

But that's a different post. Back to subject. Tiger, why did you get married?

I imagine that he would say that he wanted to be with someone who knew "Eldrick Woods" Not Tiger Woods! He wanted something that was real.

Ask yourself, what would you do Ladies, if you were Famous and everyone desired you?

I think part of the reason folks get trapped in these situations is that they get addicted to being Desired. It has to be intoxicating!

I think back on the singer Eric Benet and his noted infidelity to Oscar Winner Halle Berry!

R and B Vocalist Eric Benet AKA The Artist formerly known as the Dumbest Dude of the Planet!
Halle is one of the most desired Women on the Planet!

Everyone, including me, felt Eric had to be the biggest fool ever born! But as I listened to how the mess unfolded. It turns out that some of the Women Eric had been with were Halle's "Friends"!

Could it be that Halle's "Friends" envy, jealousy and hatred of Halle led them to commit adultery with Eric?

How many of us has that friend who just takes center stage whenever they enter a room?

Maybe, it's your Homeboy, although you stay in shape, dress well, have some education and manners and a lil money. Ladies just seem to hand him their fertility?

Don't that make you mad? A lil envious maybe! It's not Fair is it?

After all you've seen that Knuckka at his worst! His house is filthy yet Playmates offer to clean it! Damn!

Maybe, your friend is a size two and has "Real" Long Hair! Maybe she eats like a linebacker and doesn't gain a pound! Maybe she's had a "Body" since y'all hit puberty and she completely bypassed the training bra!

You've always been the "Ugly Best Friend" whenever you're standing next to her! Just her! You in the top TEN otherwise!

So, imagine, what a person may do, to answer some perceived injustice? To gain some revenge! To fulfill some fantasy that they feel they are owed but denied!

You don't think Halle's friends may have been jealous of all the attention Halle got! She was in all the mags, all the websites and Men when asked answered that the most desired is Halle Berry!

Maybe they were jealous cause Halle Got ERIC too! Eric is Handsome! Plenty of women practically offered to bear Eric's offspring before they ever heard him sing a note! I'm sure of it!

Now my point! What if you walked into a room where every WOMAN is Halle Berry or better! And they all are offering to give you some! What would you do?

Rippa Stop drooling!

Mista Jaycee! None of the Women that say they've been with Tiger look like a Supermodel!

Doesn't matter! It don't! You walk into a room where Women desire you! It's Free P*ss*e! FREE! P*ss*E!

P*SS*E! Has brought down KINGS! Administrations! Movements! It has brought down Ministries! And you think it's easy to resist it!

So, now back to Eldrick "Tiger" Woods! He's a GOLFER! How many other PRO GOLFERS are in martial scandals now?

I'll Wait!

How many playboy Playmates or helpless Skanks are trolling the bars looking for the GOLF PRO? Ooh, I love me some Phil Mickelson!

I'll wait!

Probably not as many as the average NBA basketball Player on a nightly basis!

But here it's happening to you. Women want you! You Rich! You successful! You got some Charisma! You considered the first team, the A list, THE PRIME CUT!

Wait, someone wants to sexxx you without any conditions! What would you do?

BE Prayerful! BE Mindful! BE Careful!



Miss.Stefanie said...

Who cheats on Halle Berry *shakes head*

underOvr (aka The U) said...

Brother Jaycee,

Another intelligent post written which doesn't shy away from tough questions. I have tried to stay away from writing about Tiger Woods because it's not really news to me. I heard someone (tonight) ask the question, "would this have been a story if it were a Black woman Tiger was married to?"

Whatever problems Tiger has with his marriage, I hope he can find some help and wisdom. The irony here is that we're always sorry when light is shed on our behavior.


Kit (Keep It Trill) said...

It's said that half of married men cheat at least once. He was just one of the half that got caught. At least he was a gentleman and didn't hit his wife for going berserk on him and his car. cheating or not, a lot of men would have.

ChocolateOrchid said...

This topic, I suppose, is so unavoidable due to the usual mindless media frenzy. I was so angry on Friday morning when I was greeted (and highly frustrated) by 3 channels talking about the same doggone thing--Tiger Woods.

Btw, enjoyed this post.

RainaHavock said...

I hate that whole "Should have a married a black woman" stuff. I mean seriously would you really want a black woman in this kind of mess? Either heartbroken wife or the gold-digging jezebel going after the rich married man. Seriously...

Anonymous said...

Better late than never................

Anonymous said...

I love this blog...ah I felt the sarcasm and the smack across the face to Eric Benet.

Mista Jaycee said...

Hey Virgin Queen,
Glad you like the blog. No real sarcasm to Eric. I like the guy but I did feel that way towards him. But don't forget one part of my post.

Everyone, including me, felt Eric had to be the biggest fool ever born! But as I listened to how the mess unfolded. It turns out that some of the Women Eric had been with were Halle's "Friends"!

Could it be that Halle's "Friends" envy, jealousy and hatred of Halle led them to commit adultery with Eric?

How many of us has that friend who just takes center stage whenever they enter a room?

That's an important part of the discussion and may at least give some insight as to why this keeps occuring on MEN and WOMEN.

Thanks for Sharing.

Anonymous said...

love this post

Reggie said...

Halle is absolutely beautiful, without a doubt.

But there's an old saying that goes; "show me a beautiful woman and I'll show you the man that's tired of fucking her."

Anonymous said...

I think that there is much more to this than meets the eye. You have a well known golfer, who has been training and perfecting his game since the early age of 3, who perhaps never had a high school or college life of women. Don't get me wrong, but if you look at his life he has been in the public eye for quite some time. Where was his chance to: date, breakup, love, heartbreak, and cheat. Its been a controlled environment from his parents, with TV spots, training and tours. To me he should have never got married, but he probably became even more desirable to women when he made the plunge. I think that he never got to do these things and he had one opportunity, along the lines, that blossom into others. Believe me their are other pro players that are pulling a "Woods", but they are more mature and seasoned about what they do. This has been around in golf for quite some time. Its just when you think your untouchable you make the mistakes. Tiger just needed someone like Kat Williams to guide him in his endeavors because his pimp card has been revoked.