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Main Entry: typ·i·cal
Pronunciation: \ˈti-pi-kəl\
Function: adjective
Etymology: Late Latin typicalis, from typicus, from Greek typikos, from typos model — more at
Date: 1609
1 : constituting or having the nature of a type :
symbolic2 a : combining or exhibiting the essential characteristics of a group houses> b : conforming to a type

Courtesy of Merriman-Webster Dictionary Online

Last week I received an email from a writer of a blog I "Used" to read. She no longer writes a daily blog but she has a Twitter account and a Vlog. She asked me for ideas for her first video blogcast.

So, I suggested that she write on her Black College experience and more intently about her Divine Nine plus one Sorority.

She responded rudely and I could not figure out why. I pointed her rudeness out and reminded her that she asked me.

Her response was that I should not have asked you as you are the "Typical Black Blogger"! You only write about "Black Things etc. Etc.


I will be the first to admit that Mista Jaycee has a tremendous ego! So the "Typical" comment got me first but I was more offended by the "Black Blogger" Tag!

First, Mista Jaycee is UNAPOLOGETICALLY BLACK! I am so PROUD of this! Yes, my "High Yallah, Redbone" behind is PROUD of his Afrikan Ancestry and the Afrikan Creole blend that makes up Afrikan Americans!

What she wrote was a lie! A LIE! A Canard! A blatant untruth about me and my blog. I write about anything and everything! I do not disguise the fact that I am a Black though. When I review the "Classical Thursday" Shows from the Hollywood Bowl or from Walt Disney Hall am I the "Typical Black Blogger"?

When I profess my love for the Dave Matthews Band or the Grateful Dead am I the "Typical Black Blogger" then?

When I began this blog I criticized the Police and Barack "Bam Bam" Obama with equal measure. I proclaimed then as I do now. I AM a BLACK DUDE! I do not belong to the Democrats just cause I like Obama! I am NOT a Republican or Communist just cause I don't run around like the Democrats are the saviors of Black Folks!

But back to the "Typical" comment. First, she insulted me then she tried to clean it up with this Bull Shit "No Offense" comment!



What the heck does that mean?

"You're Ugly! NO OFFENSE! So, I know you would understand the importance of having a "great" personality! "

EFF YOU! That's how Mrs. Jaycee wanted me to respond. I was tempted but didn't!

She minimized what I do! She belittled my art! I've posted some great interviews, reviews, poetry and satire here. I work hard at it! While I will be the first to admit that there are some great blogs out there and many are greater than I. "Typical" can not be used to describe me or mine.

What "Typical Black Blogger" means really is that they are NOT catering or pandering to the mainstream American Culture.

I am still debating if I will post the exchange. Nah! But I will definitely save that ish! Again, the moral to the story is to always keep the Safety on your Mouth!

BE Prayerful! BE Mindful! BE Careful!



NightFall914 said...

"always keep the Safety on your Mouth!"

Aint that the truth.

Anonymous said...

Don't mind that lady, I find favor in your blog and it's insightful, humorous and a totally different perspective so FUCK THAT my nigga (pun to her calling you the Black blogger)
I love your blog!

ChocolateOrchid said...

Wow! She did ask you for "your" ideas. And yes, your blog definitely covers universal topics.

That's interesting that she would think that but I suppose we are all entitled to our own opinions. But again, she did ask "you" for yours. And a rude response is never proper, especially when you're the one seeking an answer.

My sentiments are similiar to yours regarding blogging. I am black therefore, my blog topics, thoughts and writing will have "blackness" in them because, regardless of topic, they are coming from my black self/perspective. That just is. It's neither a negative nor a positive. It just is.

Either way, my point is, she asked you for "your" answer. People kill me asking questions they really don't want a geniune answer to. I'm just sayin'.

Anna Renee said...

This is so interesting! I was just thinking about this issue of my black perspective. I recently read a blog where the blogger asked the question, Do black folks act differently when white folks are around? This question got me thinking about stuff. Why is "the typical black stuff" wrong? There was another blog where an African writer, Petina Gappah, was described as the black voice of Zimbabwe, since she won an award. She responds by saying that she doesn't see herself as an African writer! What is this ish? As Rochelle Ferrell sang, Can I just be me? Anyway, if she "knew" you were the "typical black blogger" then why the ellhay did she ask you? Maybe if she spoke from her true black perspective...she wouldn't run out of things on which to speak!! Sometimes, these anti-black black folks get under our skin!! I had an encounter like that a while back and went off like this on my Christian blog about some self hatin folks. Made me real angry!
Anyway just do Mista Jaycee! Peace.

CurvyGurl ♥ said...

Nonsense. Apparently she enjoyed your writing enough to ask for your opinion, so she can kick rocks if it no longer suits her expectations...hmph!

Hey, hope you receive my email. Holla if not.

Anonymous said...

wow jaycee yea forget her. i love ya man certainly wouldn't call you typical.

Ora_Lanique* said...

Im sure you have dusted her offenses off as of now, but just dropping by to let you know anyone reading this blog has unearthed a burried treasure..nothing typical about that..

&& thanks for the continuous love you show my blog!