Tuesday, December 29, 2009

We Know Terror Yet We Do Not Fear!

The Son of a wealthy Nigerian Banker tried to detonate an explosive device aboard a plane and once again America has been shaken to its core. While, I watched the news, it struck me that this wealthy, educated kid decided to kill himself in the name of some cause for glory that he would never enjoy.

He's a kid! At 23 years old, I didn't know a thing about life! BE honest, when you were 23 how much did you really know about Life? If you're 23 or younger think about it. Have you ever held your Baby in your arms knowing that you are responsible for what the child learns, its safety, its well being?

Have you ever held someone you loved, or thought you loved, and thought while covered in your lovers musk, that I want to make a Baby with you? Have you ever lost a Baby? Have you ever wondered what God's (IAM) plan was for you and it?

How many times have you walked out of school, happy cause you passed an exam or you went to a dance and just enjoyed life? Has anyone ever just looked at you and told you that you were beautiful! Do you remember how that felt?

So, what could this young boy know about life? Judging by his actions nothing! Now, he's an inmate, nothing more than a burned pariah! Not a hero or a martyr! Worse, those who enabled and encouraged him have moved on to the new martyr hopeful! They are somewhere in the Mosque/Synagogue/Church/Temple of Satan pumping his or her heads full of the same bullshit!

Terror! Webster defines it as to frighten.

Terrorism: To frighten in order to coerce!

Black Folks know all about being frightened! We know it so well that it's part of our DNA since we were kidnapped from the Continent. If a captive tried to escape! He was beaten, mutilated or killed in front of the other captives in order to create what?????? Fear! Coercion! To Terrorize! The threat was always there!

If you tried to break the social order of things. Take a job that the ruling social order (White Community) didn't think you should have. You could be ran out of town or worse Lynch! Again, as an example. To Coerce! To create Fear! To Terrorize! We know the faces of Terror! The Klan, The Nazis, sometimes the Police! We know!

We know unjust laws, unfair wages and policies! We know apartheid on a level that most Human Beings will never understand. Have you ever wondered what else, is in that Booster shot, you just allowed that Doctor to give your child?

Do you ever wonder if the Birth Control Shot you took would leave you sterile? Terror! Creating mistrust! Dissension! Get it?

Black Folks have learned to fight and to progress in spite of the fear! We fight on with Education! We fight on with our Music! We fight on with our creativity! Show me a Terrorist and I will show you Twenty Bible carrying, Quran reciting, Praise singing Men for every one terrorist feeding the poor, cleaning a neighborhood of graffiti and trash or creating a school for the Young ones to be educated in.

We adapt! We know that we must BE Prayerful! BE Mindful! BE Careful! in order to survive daily! So, Mr. Obama! We know that you can give a speech! Now, is the time to lead! We need you to provide good actions and instructions on how we can defeat those who would inspire terror.

Here's a few examples: 1. Make all the TSA jobs Federal! Raise the job requirements, Education, training and Pay!

2. Do the same for the Security Officers at the Ports and Refineries! Send in the Army and Marines if necessary but secure these places.

The day of the underpaid, undereducated but overworked worker or Grandma and Grandpa guarding the gates should be over!

3. Flight attendants should be retrained in Martial arts and BE Physically fit and trained in some EMT and Emergency rescue procedures. If it's never been done before then it should be created and implemented!

4. Investment in the infrastructure. This is the greatest fear of the would be terrorist! Rebuild the bridges, freeways, roads, Water, power and sewage systems! If you employ Americans to repair America then money goes back into the American Economy.

5. Education! Plain and simple Education needs to be the top priority for all the states! We need a highly educated workforce!

History has called you to Lead Mr. Obama not just to BE Historical! You are the First openly acknowledged Black President! That's Historical! Now, it's time to MAKE History by doing what the other 40 some odd other Presidents before you could not do! Forget the Politricks and get the WORK done!

Bondage will not reign! Terror will NOT succeed!

BE Prayerful! BE Mindful! BE Careful!


CurvyGurl ♥ said...

Excellent points, Jaycee, and the solutions you suggested are logical and doable. This reactive atmosphere is a terrorist's dream, I'm with you, all the symbolism is great but we need action. I think President Obama believes the same, hoping he will fight fire with fire and show these fearmongers what the real consequences are.

underOvr (aka The U) said...

Brother Jaycee,

Those are powerful words and recommendations as we head into 2010; I only hope that our President and other policy makers gain some measure of inspiration.

May we all remain mindful, committed and resolute in our faith and conviction.

Best wishes to you and yours for a 2010 shaped in peace and grace.


Anonymous said...

I like how you listed the 'suggestions' per se and I'm glad you stated the definition of terrorism. People think the term is ONLY linked to Middle Eastern terrorists.

Anna Renee said...

Hi Mr Jaycee. I think the President is doing his best to move in the direction that you are suggesting. Remember it's an uphill battle against those who don't want change, and Obama is only one human! He wont be able to change this country nor the world into nirvana. This world is full of madness, and Obama alone cant change it. I agree. Those gangsters are just another weapon being used against the youth of the world. We must pray unceasingly!

2cute4u said...

so many suggestions , good ones though.. but, if suggestions are truly considered, i'm not sure we'd have most of these problems..
Really breaks my heart,all these scrap that keep springing up all the time, like the worst is yet to come.. we can only pray and hope..
I actually thought i was alone in the belief that obama, though a good orator, has done nothing really substantial, I was nearly lynched in my family home during my visit and I let it drop.. infact, I wasn't given food, till I left, but that's the truth.. you opinion makes sense.

stephanie said...

you made me think, thank you.

Mista Jaycee said...

Hi 2 Cute!
I think it's still too early to say that Mr. Obama has done nothing substantial but he has made some important subtle changes. We are better off than before that's for sure but I for one, want to see some major work done. I feel that subtle changes are what has eff'd up the health care bill. Sure alot of changes have been made incrementally but what the people wanted was a major Shift. The insurance company can live with what has been accomplished even great reform may have been accomplished.
PS Stop antagonizing your family at dinner. Read my Thanksgiving post! 8-)

phallatio said...

For me, without law and order, there is no society. Unless there are clear definitions of what 'crime' and 'punishment' are, laws mean nothing! I want to feel safe and secure in my home. I want to have faith in my police force, and yet I don't. Many police officers are full of prejudice. The best people never choose to be police officers. Police officers are often insecure people looking for some self-esteem.
Somehow, we need to make being a police officer a noble professsion, so better people are attracted to law enforcement.

Anonymous said...

You are so interesting to read, and obviously very knowledgeable.