Friday, December 11, 2009

I Don't Think Congress Got the Message!

You voted for change didn't you! I did! Well it seems the House and Senate didn't get your message!

Barack campaigned and Won by promising change!

Did the Democrats agree to this? Apparently NOT! They still doing the same ole Ish!

Did the Republicans realize that when an overwhelming majority voted last year that it was in part because of their policies and lack of new ideas and vision? Again, they don't care!

So what are YOU gonna do about it?!!!!

BE Prayerful! BE Mindful! BE Careful!


Anonymous said...

Obama is merely a puppet. Everything he was so passionate and persuasive about changing he's backfired on. The best thing about him is race and that's what the people see, that's the cleverness of the elite to use him in such a way...we're blinded by his physical appearance=change... We are the hated race so what makes people think that because we have a black leader things will be positive...womp, that's the pun once again implanted by the elite to exploit.

LaQT said...

I completely agree, with you MJ. It is so interesting to see/hear about all the ppl complaining about Obama trying to change things. The majority of the country voted for him to change the atmosphere in the goverment now those same ppl are his greatest opposition. I find that to be so funny. What needs to happen is not going to happen overnight, we have alot of broken systems that need to be fixed.