Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Puff! Puff! Pass! Jaycee talks Bud!

I believe that marijuana is a medicine. That said, I am not, nor have I ever, been a user of the drug. Why? The most prudent answer I will give for the sake of this discussion is cause I am not ill. Therefore, I have no need to use it.

Los Angeles County, which Long Beach is a part of is debating the cut off for the dispensaries. Some say it should be capped at 70. Others say 130 and so on. Los Angeles Times/Pat Morrison KCRW

Since the State of California implemented the voters will to allow the use of marijuana for medicinal purposes several dispensaries have sprung up like.....well, weed! (No pun intended)

There are those who believe that having a dispensary near them will attract a low element and increase crime. In fairness, there has been no statistics to back up this concern but in response, some cities have proposed the caps on new dispensaries or limiting them to certain areas of the city. (A De facto Red light District)

This is what I would like to talk about. I am not in favor of State or Local Governments relegating the dispensaries to one local.


Well, because it would limit that areas ability to attract viable and respectable businesses and residents. For example, Compton, My hometown, already has struggled with a terrible reputation Worldwide because of the export of Gang life images via music and movies. Compton was a dairy town with a rich history. There is still farm and dairy land in use. I love watching Black Cowboys in the city.

Maybe they will put all the dispensaries on Long Beach Blvd. and Rosecrans Ave. Sure wouldn't want to sell a home on Tucker, Queensdale or Ezmirlian Streets. It would be the equivalent of putting all the liquor stores, smoke shops, strip bars, pawnshops, check cashing and bail bonds in one concentrated area.

I propose that State and Local officials place the dispensaries where they belong in the Medical Districts. That's right with the Pharmacies and the Hospitals. If a Doctor can prescribe it, then, why can't someone, with that prescription, go to a dispensary right next to the Hospital?

This would eliminate any stigmas associated with the recreational user and those who market and sell to them. It would also protect the citizens. A Cancer patient does not want to travel to a seedy part of town to fill their prescription after a rousing session of Chemo! And they shouldn't have to!

You don't think that predators would prey on the Cancer ridden? Of course, they would!

Now, Legalization is a whole other issue! Let's not waste time arguing about that cause we are not there yet! So, Brother Starshine, (Not real person) standing outside of the local slurpee shop slanging that chronic! This ain't about you or your customer/fan base!

This is about State and Local governments passing the buck literally to everyone else. Your neighborhood could become Ground Zero! Your property valves are limited!

Isn't that NIMBY Mista Jaycee?

No, cause I am not saying that the dispensaries should not be in my neighborhood. I am saying that they City planners should place them in strategic areas of the city. First, in the Medical district! Secondly, no one neighborhood should have more than two every 8 blocks.

Spread em out!

But Local officials should also make sure that they look good. Maybe I have a nice little grocery market! I don't want a tie dyed head shop masquerading as a medical marijuana dispensaries. Discretion and good taste should be the standard!

Guess what City Government! The Working Class and The Poor don't want to be the dumping ground for the rest of the Cities economic and social classes! We like Bars, Tattoos, Strip Clubs, Smoke Shops and Liquor as much as you do! But we don't want to BE the people and areas you dump your undesirables and hide your secrets!

BE Prayerful! BE Mindful! BE Careful!


* ! zodiac ! * said...

i feel you 100%, thankx for checking out the page, your comment made me think, and laugh! lol

_*KEEKAKiLLS. said...

I totally agree with you [never did drugs either] but if government would allow it, they could tax it and actually make money off of it. You think they would let it happen already since weed is just going to keep being smuggled/grown/whatever into the country.

Anonymous said...

This a logical argument and a well-written article!

Thanks for visiting Secret Story Time.


Christina Love said...

love the blog!

Kandia said...

I was all prepared to take an opposing view...better luck next I agree with everything you've written have a prescription for it, it only makes sense that it would be in a medical district FIRST and not one on every corner in the hood. As far as legalization and recreational users, they know where to get it when they want it anyway.

SNEAkUHbUTT. said...


It's funny how some towns and cities are being used, but at the same time neglected.

SincerelyGo said...

Wont they sell the shyt in wal-mart already. LOL

I know everyone wishes it were that easy huh? But thats true they should put the "medical clinics" in the towncenters of every city since the people that "NEED IT" are probably not your regular around the way weed smokers but more like the ill and behind the wheel of a BMW (societies status symbol of success).The other cats.. They know where to get theirs...



FreeMan said...

They should just put them on 1st street because weed smokers are not crack smokers. It still is very regulated and thus should probably be treated like the sale of alcohol meaning anywhere and everywhere.

Compton is my hometown too and I think it would love the boost in the economy. Then LB will come back and say it's time to get some of that revenue back.

I think I am going to put a snack stand next to it and call it Munchies and make some money.

Mista Jaycee said...

Thanks for chiming in. Happy New Year! Hub Love Baby! Hub Love! For the record no one is suggesting to my knowledge that Compton would be used for such an endeavor. I just used it as an example. Compton as well as several neighboring cities such as Long Beach, Lynwood and Inglewood would welcome new busines. But I live in Long Beach and not so long ago, my block was picked to host a discount smoke shop (which sold crack pipes, no lie) a S/M Clothing shop and two bail bonds. So what does the city council and redevelopment agency think about my area? They didn't put these legal businesses on Pine, Ocean near the courthouse. We have to watch that kind of stuff or else your nice affordable apartment may become a raging shithole overnight!