Wednesday, March 25, 2009

All Rants Aside, WTF?

WTF? The last couple of days have been well, I'll ask again...WTF? Tammy Bruce called the Obama Family Trash? Why, would you do that? Then she tried to weakly clarify it saying Trash knows no color! Now, President Bam Bam's Special Olympics quip aside, and that was Eff'd up President Bam Bam Sir, that was Eff'd up! Funnie, but oh, COME ON! That ish was funnie!
The point is that Obama family has been more civil than anyone should expect. I would not be that civil. Would you?
Here we are in the worst economic shape we've ever been in since the Great Depression and I've noticed a few things. 1. Folks want Obama to fix what it has taken TWO DECADES of DE-REGULATION to create in 58 Days.
2. The Democratic Party is still a bunch of Pu**ies! Hey Democrats! You are not backing up your President! He's calling for a change and you still doing ish the same way you've always done ish. You let the Repugnicrats say whatever the Eff they want and you don't call them on the Two, count them TWO BUSH TAX CUTS FOR THE TOP WAGE EARNERS! Don't call them on the culture of DE-Regulation that they have presided over. Letting Republicans say FISCAL RESPONSIBILITY is like a whoring Man telling his Whoring daughter that she needs to put some clothes on and dress and act like a Lady!
3. Letting the States of Mississippi and Louisiana have Chief Executives that turn down Stimulus money when both are last in EDUCATION, JOBS, HEALTH CARE, CRIME PREVENTION, and so many other things. Ask Bobby Jindal what efforts or plans he put in place that worked before KATRINA? Now what has he done since KATRINA except mouth off and get elected? What about Haley Barbour? The Crooked Letter State got hit by that *itch Katrina Tooo. What have you done? What about the Crimson Tide, Alabama? They got hit?
What about FAUX NEWS? They talk major ish! When were they ever critical of anything that happened the last eight years? AMERICA imprisoned people without trail? Did FAUX criticize? Eff Naw! AMERICA Spied on people without a court order! FAUX anything? People were given National Security Letters gagging them about investigations being held in SECRET by the Government! And FAUX didn't say anything. AMERICA! ABU GHARIB?
Faux needs to be critical on thier own pundits including that Fat Drug Addict that said he hopes President Bam Bam fails!
But all rants aside... there IS Justice is the world. SOOOO you voted not to extend Unemployment insurance when times were good and now the same REPUBS are jobless and need some HELP not a HANDOUT huh? Maybe your Church was the Most INTOLERANT and claims they were just SOCIALLY CONSERVATIVE and they grew by leaps and bounds. Now they too are laying off staff and cutting services but some and I say only some CHURCHES are being FORECLOSED ON?
All rants aside though..
BE Careful! BE Mindful! BE Prayerful!


ChocolateOrchid said...

Understandable rant! I feel ya!
I have to commend the Obama's on their civility during all of this. I highly respect them for it! I have to admit, my reactions to everything thrown at them would not be as nice.


underOvr (aka The U) said...

Good morning Jaycee,

I just read Tammy Bruce's comments yesterday and I honestly chose not to say anything regarding this attention grabbing ho.

I still can't say anything remotely nice so she can just go on being an "at risk" ho for her Republican Party pimp.


Miss.Stefanie said...

Great and understandable rant!

RiPPa said...

I'd hate to see you go on a rant after doing a few lines of coke.

Mista Jaycee said...

My Man I had to rant. It's good for the soul and as for the COCA COLA people, they still out here trying to trip me up. Still feeling good, still not sippin that High Frustose, Caffeinated Syrup. (Wink)

RainaHavock said...

We're talking aboiut some of this today!Obama has the numbers and his party controls congress. Time to tell the republicans to kiss his ass and do what he wants to do

Anonymous said...

I love it... and yes Louisiana sucks in everything except the ARTS including cooking! But u hit it right on the damn head!


Tigeress said...

waow Mista Jaycee, i'm loving the blog. Now i know where to come when i want a summary of politics. thanks! :)