Thursday, March 12, 2009

What the Hell Gayle? Part Deux!

The other night View Co-Host Comic Joy Behar filled in on Larry King Live dispensing with any illusions that Larry would even know or care who Rhianna and Chris Brown are and talked about Domestic Violence.

Oh Goodie, Mista Jaycee!


And who were the guest panelists who we the viewers would have the pleasure to listen to?

Tell us now Mista Jaycee! Tell US!

The former Mrs. Michael Tyson, Robin Givens!

She was married to Mike Tyson? !!!!

Yep! Some would say She not Buster Douglas took Mike down. Some would say that!

And Miss Denise Brown!


Exactly! Well not really, she's Nicole Brown-Simpson's sister turned Domestic Violence Activist.

But the best part was clips from The Great Miss O and Ride or Die Partner in Crime Gayle King.

Oh-----to see the clip of Miss O "If he HITS you Once He WILL hit you AGAIN! played over and over and over and over and over again! PRICELESS!

Good Times! Oh, Yeah, Good Times!

Now to be fair Miss Givens was hit by Mike Tyson in the marriage. She has given interviews about it for years. Mike has not disputed it or sued her. But it's been twenty years since they were married? Twenty years! She has re-married and has children who had no idea that she had been married to Mike Tyson. Check her interviews. She confirms it.

So why Robin Givens? Could it be cause the public is sour on Mike? Could be or could it be something else?

Robin has a new book! OOOOOH! That's it! Robin has a new book to sell.

But that's unfair Mista Jaycee! That's so unfair!

Is it? Well, what has Robin done professionally recently?

Tyler Perry's House of Payne!

Yeah, but no major movies since Boomarang and Rage in Harlem no television shows other than Tyler's since she was woefully mis-casted to host Forgive and Forget after Mother Love was let go. No one exemplifies the spirit of Forgiveness like Robin Givens. Ok, that last part was a cheap shot. I know...funnie, yes, but cheap. I blame the recession.

So there is a credibility issue at stake. Miss O who has made her career off of all kind of people pain and misery who at least publicly has yet to offer aid to Rhianna and Chris.

Oh-----to see the clip of Miss O "If he HITS you Once He WILL hit you AGAIN! Played over and over and over and over and over again! PRICELESS!

Now let's talk about Denise Brown. Robin may be attempting to become a public advocate for Domestic Violence but Denise Brown has been active in keeping the issue at the forefront in recent years. But again, Denise Brown is not the best standard bearer for this issue just the most marketable.

Dare, I say it!

Dare! Dare!

Nicole Brown-Simpson is not the face of Domestic Violence and should not be it! Never! That would be a mistake! There is debate about her. That clouds the real issue. Was OJ a dick? Yeah, was Nicole using his money wisely? Was she letting anyone hang around her and OJ's kids? Was she partying? Was she letting anyone drive around in her car that OJ purchased for her? Was she rubbing his nose in it?

But she didn't deserve to die Mista Jaycee!

Nope! She didn't! But what if she was? What is she did rub his nose in it, spend his money willi nilli, party too hard, and lay up with anyone? Then was it unreasonable for him to be angry?


But she's Dead Mista Jaycee!

Yes! but OJ was arrested, tried, aquitted, sued and villified in the press. HE was tried! HE was Aquitted of the murders! Domestic Violence may have been a factor but then again maybe not! Putting Nicole (RIP) as the face of Domestic Violence is an unfair, dangerous, mistake.
Where is the documentation of domestic violence in that case that LED TO the MURDER? There is none! OJ was AQUITTED OF the MURDERS. So there is no established connection in that case. Just like one can say OJ was a Dick and he hit her one can say she was killed for something else and it is just as valid.
But what about all the other cases where there is a real connection between domestic violence that leads to murder? Who's speaking for them? Who's drawing the line between an incident that just went bad and something that just IS bad?

Every domestic violence case is NOT OJ and Nicole Or Tina and Ike but the perception that domestic violence is OJ/Nicole or IKE and TINA should not be promoted. Again, we need to be careful in what we call Domestic Violence so it does NOT become a GENERIC LABEL.

It's dangerous when someone like Chris Brown who allegedly hit his girlfriend (which may have only occurred once) is compared to a known serial abuser. The two are not the same. It's irresponsible to vilify this kid in the press Oprah! It's wrong Gayle! Are you gonna ruin every one's rep or are you gonna be selective? Did you make Amy Winehouse the face of Drug Abuse? Was she vilified?

Oh-----to see the clip of Miss O "If he HITS you Once He WILL hit you AGAIN! Played over and over and over and over and over again! PRICELESS!

So if someone makes a mistake or does something despicable they should never be allowed to reconcile and be forgiven huh? That's your message?

Or is it be real and be cautious and protect your health it may save your life? Just asking!

Jack and Jill had an argument. Jill called Jack a Lil D*ick Clown!
Jack says Eff You and Your Mama!
Jill spits on Jack and scratches him across the face. Jack slaps the living ish out her and she falls down!

The next day Jack moves to his buddies sofa, cleans the scratches with bactine and a few days later they talk and sometimes they forgive and move on. That was an argument were BOTH parties were wrong! BOTH!

Now if Jack forbade Jill from talking to her friends and physically and or verbally abused her then that's closer to Domestic Violence. One is an incident the other is a pattern. Just cause it can potentially become a pattern does not mean that it will.

Don't believe me...Ever mooned anyone? Ever had too much to drink and say something that you regretted? Did it become a pattern? Maybe it did and maybe it could have become one, dig?

We need to deal with Domestic violence but in dealing with it we must distinguish between an tragic incident and a real pattern and deal out punishment fairly.

BE Prayerful! BE Careful! BE Mindful!


Kim said...

Wow.. It seems you too have a sensitivity chip missing. First of all Larry King is often absent and has already done a show about Chris and Rihanna when the story first broke. Robin Givens book is about 2 years old and what is your issue with Oprah? I think your a bit smitten, who is it Oprah or Gayle? You have missed REAL issue. Domestic Violence.. It's sad that people hate Oprah and Gayle so much and without reason other than having the "Black Like Me" Syndrome, the fact that the statistic for domestic violence among teens are the same as they are for adult women should be your main focus.. What is the real issue dude? I mean what's really going on?

underOvr (aka The U) said...

Hey Jaycee,

I didn't see this Larry King broadcast but based on your post I would have to agree that:
1. There is a difference between an incident and a pattern
2. Giving credibility and a platform to individuals with a personal agenda is wrong
3. Broadcasts such as these do not look at actual case histories of domestic abuse

The subject of domestic abuse is a slippery slope. What does it take to realize a pattern exists? I could not advise a woman to "go back to her man" if he hits her.

I realize in the heat of the moment regrettable things can be said and acted out but rage needs an escape valve. Another human being should not be the object of one's escape mechanism.

You've penned an excellent post.


Miss.Stefanie said...


Mista Jaycee said...

Hi Kim,
I do not have an issue with Oprah or Gayle per se, it's more that they have a large platform and a huge sphere of influence. Oprah and Gayle did not appear on that show but the clips of Oprah and Gayle were used over and over again which brought me back to my first post.

If you ain't reaching out to that particular couple and offering help and guidance then STHU! But instead of doing that you are chiming in. Based on what? Do you know more than the rest of us? Are you privy to info that we don't have cause the whole situation sounds like it's was something neither party ever thought would get this bad. Don't you agree.

Now, why are you so ready to hone in on any criticism of Oprah and Gayle? I am not the first one to be critical of them and certainly not the last. Oprah makes her money off of topics like this one, she has done good by providing a forum and offering avenues of assistance over the years but there are times when she and other talk show personalities do not use thier power and sphere of influence in the best possible way.

What if tommorow we find out that Rhi was pregnant with Jay-z's baby and Chris found out and went crazy then what? Would Oprah and the rest of the media then destroy Rhi and Jay? Would they understand Chris and his reaction? Would they say Rhi deserved it then? Is what happened still not wrong?

You see? The blurring of the issue. When is it a pattern of abuse and when is it an isolated incident? Oprah, has some journalistic insticts and again she should remain objective(although she don't have to) fair and impartial until she knows the FACTS!

By the way I don't dislike Oprah or Gayle but I dispise Nancy Grace who I feel is a bottom feeder that got famous again off the OJ trail.

Still, Am I wrong for pointing out that Robins book needs to be sold? She is selling a book, why else feature it and why have her on the panel if not to sell it? Dig? You mean to tell me that Larry Super Dodger Fan King can't book some actual people qualified to speak on on Domestic Violence? He has to find Robin Givens and Denise Brown both who are neither. Both who at best are biased and tainted. Both!

Thanks for reading and commenting. Your questions are awesome!

Kafo said...

oh my word
this is hilariously
i didn't watch the show
but Robin Givens
okay yeah that is soooo yesterday

i'm tired of Chris Brown and Rihanna

Mista Jaycee said...

Just re-reading your comments. In what way have I written anything insentitive? Please explain?

I wrote that we need to define the difference from a Domestic Violence incident, for example hitting a man or woman once compared to a pattern of abuse.

I wrote that Robin Givens and Denise Brown are not the best spokespeople for the cause. They are tainted. Rating wise I would have them there for the ratings because Robin's gonna talk ish about Mike(who's not liked right now but people want to hear about Mike) and Denise Brown, cause they hate OJ.

Truth, no one knows why Nicole Simpson was killed except the killer(s) and maybe Nicole. It could have been OJ in a domestic violence rage but what if it was over dope or money? Or custody then it's not domestic is it? It's not a Man trying to control and Woman or vice versa it's just murder.

Wow! To say I'm insensitive though...I am not! I have personally had to deal with more situations and have seen more families and friends lives turned upside down over issues like this that I will never share in this blog. I have watched Childrens and Families Services completely destroy families under the guise that they were helping the family.
Sorry but I stand by my opinion.
Again thanks for commenting.

Kim said...

Oprah is doing just fine with her influence in regards to this issue. I watch her show, NOT JUST SPUN 15 SECOND SOUND BYTES on the news to sensationalize the issue.

From the start Oprah has said that She always thought Chris Brown to be a nice guy. When he appeared on her show to surprise a young girl from a broken and dysfunctional home who still managed to maintain a 4.5 GPA, she said he was most requested guest and she took him to Africa with her to perform at her school. So she said was shocked to hear. She also said He and Rihanna both need to take some time and heal themselves and she also stated that if a man hits you once he will hit you again, that has been her experience and she also talks about her cousin Alice who was abused and eventually killed by her boyfriend. Oprah show is mostly about empowering women she has done soooo many shows on domestic violence, even before anyone ever heard of a Chris or Rihanna . AND IF YOURE LOOKING FOR AN EXPERT TO WEIGH IN THEY ARE THE ONES SAYING FROM THE FIRST HIT.. GET OUT OR HE WILL HIT YOU AGIAN... you seem to think it was an isolated assault so do you really want an expert or be critical of Oprah and Gayle.

Who said she didn't reach out to Chris or Rihanna, just cuz it's not on TV for you to see doesn't mean it didn't happen.. Chris nor Rihanna are given interviews to anyone unless they both have contacted you... you can tel me I will keep it on the low...LOL

Why are you criticizing Oprah and Gayle who's talking about the issue but want to pray for Chris who kicking a$$ ? The issue is violence not who you don't like is talking about it. I know the legacy of slavery has US protecting black men at all cost.. but abuse should not be overlooked.

And what if we do find out some scandal was the cause. It matters not.. Folks still need to keep their hands to themselves instead of acting like savage animals.. Bump a isolated incident.. Woman beaters start off with an isolated incident. Oprah did remain objective on the show today.. People were saying Rihanna this and Rihanna that and she said Chris needs support and healing also... So get some facts which don't come form 15 sec sound bytes?

And and far as you being critical of Robin Givens she is one of the few folks who talk about it.. NOT ALOT OF WOMEN, FAMOUS WOMEN WANT TO TALK ABOUT HAVING THEIR A$$ kicked... Tina Turner and Robin Given are the only ones I know who talk about it freely.

And maybe I should not have use insensitive. I apologize it upset you. But I have seen a number of folks FEIGNING pious outrage over what Oprah and Gayle have said and none of it has been unfair to Chris..And underneath folks could care less. It's just an opportunity to criticize Oprah or Gayle or Robin or Denise Brown.. I like Chris Brown Super Human is one of my fave songs. But a felony has been committed not an isolated incident. I'm not a Robin Givens or Denise Brown fan but I'm mature enough to seperate the messenger from the message.